The haps {Happy Memorial Day}

IMG_0458And what a beautiful and warm day it was!  Sam and I visited Naomi and payed our respects to those who have served our country.  I was trying to explain Memorial Day to Sam since there were SO many pretty flowers and people at her park yesterday.  We walked past and saw lots of veterans as I was trying to tell him in the most simple terms what the day is for.

IMG_0460quarryaliStarted the day off bright and early with Ali.  Our first trail run of the year together and my longest run in a LONG time.  I felt really good almost the entire time, but my pesky knee just hurt so bad towards the end.  About 7 miles total.  I’m glad we started by 6:30am.  Nice and cool and hardly anyone on the trail.  I’m also glad she chose to start the day of her Nine year anniversary with me 😉

IMG_0447IMG_0462Let summer begin!  It feels A LOT like summer now with these hot temps.  He swam and swam and swam with Siri for two hours.  He could have stayed much longer, I’m sure.

IMG_0465Finished the day off right with Dan’s smoked pulled pork and beans.  Plus, some amazing {blue cornmeal} skillet cornbread.  Heaven I tell you!

IMG_0467IMG_0468IMG_0469I love him.

IMG_0413Went to two of our favorite waterfall spots this weekend, too.

IMG_0417Rocky Mouth.  It was busy right when we got there, but then everyone cleared out and it was just us.  Took Siri along for some fun!

IMG_0421IMG_0432A quick 5 minute hike in LCC and we were at Lisa Falls.  SO pretty and easy to get to!IMG_0425IMG_0439The views are all time.IMG_0442IMG_0446If you’re brave, you can scramble up a steep (and I mean steep) trail to get up a little higher.  Sam was all about getting up higher and higher.  Just after this spot is when I called it good.  SO steep but so beautiful!  Dan got in a trail run (his first in a while!) and we relaxed the rest of the long weekend.  It was perfect!

IMG_0383And on a different note, Sam’s last day of 3/4 year old preschool was last Wednesday.  SUCH a cute program for all the parents.

IMG_0387Miss Lynette!  Oh how he loves her.  He already asked if she could come play at our house 🙂  Can’t wait to go back in the fall.

IMG_0370Got some biking in last week with one of my favorite ladies.  Hey Re!

quarry1IMG_0395Sam did amazing at his swim lessons last week.  He’s only had two, 15 minute lessons but because there’s no messing around and the instructors are fairly stern, I already saw progress.  He floated on his back for several minutes alone.  No crying, no complaining.  I am beyond proud.  Six more to go!

IMG_0394Went to a little open house for Whole Foods.  The face painting was the hit of the event.

IMG_0408Took Jane on a special date.

IMG_0405And spent time reading about and looking at the human body book we have.  He asks so many questions every page.  I LOVE it!

There’s a friendly competition going on at the gym.  I wanted to get on the board, so I squatted 250lbs (it’s a one rep max)  That’s more than I’ve ever lifted and I was feeling it, but could have gone 260 if I had t0.  That’s good for now though 🙂

I’ve also still been working on my pull up progressions.  I challenge you to do one chin up in your life!  I still have to get my overhand strict pull up…I will, one day but for now, I can do about 3-4 chin ups in a row.

It’s officially summer around here, so we’ll be doing lots of swimming! Have a great week!


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