The haps

Sam has been shredding on his bike.  Lots of warm weather means LOTS of time on bikes!

Had a lovely dinner in Kamas at Grandma and Grandpas…complete with their three new horses.  Fancy, Roxy and one year old Bea here in this picture.  They are all beautiful and the kids looooooooooooooooove them!

IMG_0351IMG_0346IMG_0353Heading home, talking about what the clouds look like.  Two peas in a pod 🙂

IMG_0298We got to watch these ladies for a couple days last week while Ali and Mark had a great time in Jackson and Yellowstone.

IMG_0296IMG_0299IMG_0311Even went to a little tea party birthday  Ali was invited to.  I was filling in and the kids had such a fun time.  Thanks Rose!

IMG_0304Cooked yummy food while Dan took all four kids on a bike ride and walk.  I was so tired by 5pm!  I told Ali I seriously admire her and have huge respect for her crazy life with these three.  Any moment I had to sit down and rest my feet, I did.

IMG_0324Sam played quietly while Ruby took a long nap and the other girls were playing with a babysitter.  My feet were definitely up in this picture.

IMG_0331Back to our little routine during the day, just the two of us.  He starts Swim Kids swim lessons tomorrow.  These aren’t your normal group or private 3o min lessons.  It’s a short, 15 minute intense lesson on basic survival swim skills.  I’m prepared for some crying, but hoping after the eight lessons he’ll know how to float on his own and swim to the side comfortably.  It’s pricy, but I’ve seen the benefits of this in how Siri has been swimming the last two years. She is SO awesome!

IMG_0332Got out for my first longer ride of the year.  Perfect weather, although a bit warm towards the end. {Clarks, Jacobs, Canyon Hollow, Jacobs}

IMG_0334So green right now.

IMG_0339Ribs.  YUM.  That corn was not very good.  Not quite that season yet.

IMG_0336Dan made delicious strawberry “ice cream.”  Frozen berries, coconut milk, some sugar.

IMG_0337He LOVED it!

IMG_0341Evening superhero bike rides.  THE best.

Have a great week!

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