Happy Mother’s Day

momsdayI had a wonderful, relaxing and fun filled Mom’s day weekend.  A quick visit to Naomi and my day was complete.

IMG_0261So lucky and blessed to be his Mom.  He made me a mother.  Both of my children have changed me for the better, that’s for sure.

IMG_0260IMG_0254Beautiful flowers to boot!

IMG_0264IMG_0265Thanks to Jenn for hosting a DELICIOUS Mother’s Day dinner.  I’m thankful for my own Mom, mother-in-law and sisters who are strong, beautiful and supportive women in my life.

IMG_0266Had to throw in a little Birthday celebration for Izac (last Monday) and Dan (Wednesday)

IMG_0226IMG_0225And despite the dreary and cold weather we had all weekend, we still had LOTS of fun outside!

IMG_0224The flowers along the trails are SO pretty right now. {Quarry}


IMG_0252I requested eggs cooked in butter with lemon and chives from our pots.  Some chai tea with almond milk to perfect my morning.

IMG_0247Saturday afternoon we played with friends in the Snowbird parking lot.  He zipped through the crowed over 20 times…they LOVED it 🙂

IMG_0239IMG_0251He has missed the snow.

IMG_0194Played with cousins since Dan was out of town all week for work.  These two are awesome.  He and Max play, play, play when they are together.

IMG_0208IKEA date with Siri.

IMG_0199Watched Ruby for a while one morning.  Oh man, you can just see how much he loves this little lady!

IMG_0213It’s hard to stay awake sometimes between 1 and 4pm.

IMG_0207A delicious food truck Ali found.  Cupbop Korean style BBQ in a bowl.  This bowl had rice, sweet potato noodles, pork, beef, cabbage and sauces.  Next time I’ll forgo the rice and get extra meat and cabbage.  So good.

IMG_0216Thank you Dan and Sam for making my weekend special and very relaxing.  As with most things, time is healing my heart and mind and this Mother’s Day was just…easier and I’m so thankful for that.  These boys are pure JOY in my life!




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