Back to our routine

We spent the last five days out at my brother Matt’s house, having the best time watching Emily and Connor while he, Sheri and Benj were in NYC.

I’m pretty sure Sam is going to have a cousin and Grandpa Mike hangover today and tomorrow.  He has had SO.MUCH.FUN!  As much fun and awesome as it was, I’m really glad to be back to our routine… mostly my working out and “not eating all the tempting kids snack foods.” Yikes.

Emily and Connor are SO easy to take care of.  Sheri has them “trained” so well.  They both know exactly what they need/do/have for school and all the extra activities afterwards.  I would watch them again in a heartbeat, especially since they played so well with Sam.   They love him so much.

IMG_0087   Got there Wednesday and took Marshall for a walk.  He’s a crazy little puppy who is just overly excited about everyone and everything.  He was by far the “hardest” part of our stay out there 🙂

IMG_0092Sam was pretty excited he got to have quiet time in his cousins rooms, with all their cool toys.  He ended up falling sleep most days since we were on-the-go, always.

IMG_0096IMG_0100Grandpa Mike got in late Wednesday night.  Dan and Sam stayed at our house with him every night but Saturday.

IMG_0145The parks and beach area out at Daybreak are seriously awesome!  I’m sure we’ll be going out there again for more fun.  This zip line park was a HUGE hit.  Sam spent several hours there over those five days.

IMG_0113IMG_0118IMG_0149Silly goofs!  Grandpa and Ellen took us to dinner one night.  I was a little worried what the kids would eat at Tsunami, but they ate lots!  Emily is very much an adventurous eater and tried three kids of sushi (unlike me).

IMG_0156IMG_0150Starring contests for the win.

IMG_0161We played and played in our yard on Friday night.   Emily kept saying, “I wish Grandpa and Ellen didn’t have to leave!”  So glad my in laws are THE best.

IMG_0170Lots of bike rides around the neighborhood and to the lake.


IMG_0164I was able to get a quick ride in on Saturday.

IMG_0168Emily begged to take a bath with Sam.  They played in there for almost an hour.

IMG_0169Bed time stories with Dan.  The best.

IMG_0171One last time at the beach.  They built sand castles and played out here for a long, long time.  There’s also a playground just up the hill behind this pic.  Best of both worlds!

IMG_0135Oh, and I decided that I wanted to see how long it would take me to run three miles.  I ran my first 5K one year ago today.  I haven’t run more than 2 miles at a time really since then, so out of curiosity I ran on Friday morning before Ali and girls came to play.  I ran my 5K in a little over 29 minutes.  When I ran it on a treadmill it was about that, maybe 30 minutes.  I shaved off almost 3 minutes this time.  Just goes to show that it’s not all about doing tons of cardio.  I focus on lifting weights, sprinting, riding my bike for fun and teaching spin.  Of course good and healthy eating habits are a must, too 🙂  I was pretty excited!

Back to our routine, preschool, workouts and eating all the good, whole foods.

Have a great week!










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