The haps

Happy Monday!  Here’s a quick song to start your day…:)

He’s all about Frozen still, especially since I impulsively bought it on sale at Costco yesterday.  It was probably the best moment I’ve ever seen on his face, seriously.  He was amazed that I actually said we could bring it home.

IMG_0023We’ve been transitioning from nap time to quiet time around here.  The first two days he played happily and quietly in his room for an hour…cutting up random things because I forgot to take the kid scissors out of his art box, oops!

IMG_0048He just couldn’t make it on day three of no naps.  He just needed to sleep.  He’s been drawing and playing for about 20 mins then crawls into bed for a snooze.  If he needs it, he needs it but I’m not forcing a nap at all anymore so that bed time can be less of an issue.  Looks like he’ll nap every other day or so.

IMG_0069It was hard to wake him up from his snooze on Saturday.  I didn’t mind though since Dan was napping and the weather was socked in rain all day.

frozen2Dan’s first time watching Frozen.  He’s had the snowman song stuck in his head since then, ha!  Welcome to my life.

IMG_0044Played hard with cousins and friends all week.  They are BFF’s.

IMG_0030IMG_0052Cavity free and earned his mask and cape from the dentist.  He wore that mask one day.

IMG_0055Since it rained all weekend, we decided to use an extra awesome Groupon we had for the Natural History Museum up at the University of Utah.  I knew this place was cool, but I was amazed and kind of blown away at how huge these dinosaurs really were.  So cool.  And since we had a pass for four, we took Siri along with us.  They LOVED it!

IMG_0073Thank you Ali for taking Sam that night so we could eat this most delicious food in peace and quiet.  Date night eats at Oh Mai.  That drink there in the plastic up…oh man, that is GOOD, maybe too good.  Thai iced tea.  YUM!  Also, Kimchi for the win.

IMG_0038Some food from last week.  I made what we had around.  Tuna with greek yogurt, red peppers, scallions, salt and pepper on top of greens.  I drizzled some balsamic vinegar on there too.  It was really good and super fast to put together.  I had some nuts and an orange along with it as well to keep me full.

IMG_0042This.  This is so good.  I kept asking myself why I haven’t been making Cobb Salad and Green Goddess dressing myself all this time.  Grilled chicken, bacon, grape tomatoes, avocado, scallions, greens and egg.  Dressing is THIS recipe.  I will definitely be making this many times from here on out, especially with more warm weather coming.

IMG_0018Strawberries with coconut (cold right from the fridge).  It’s like a treat in this house.

IMG_0036And from my Instagram last week.  It’s just another Monday Motivation me for me and you to keep on keeping on and be thankful that you can get up each day and move your body and be proud of who you are….

“Thankfulthursday…Today I have been feeling extra thankful for my healthy body.  I wake up each day, able to exercise and push myself.  I try not to take that for granted.  Also, I’m always so quick to critcize my looks…like, all.the.time.  I am who I am and proud of my journey and all that I’ve been through thus far.  Be thankful, everyday!”

We’re looking forward to a visit from Grandpa Mike and Ellen later this week and I’m playing nanny to cousins Connor and Emily for five days.  Should be super fun and really busy with their school and extra activities they both do each day.

Have a great week!






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