The haps {Happy Easter!}

20140419_113750We had THE best weather over spring break and the weekend.  Pretty much perfect. Happy Easter from us….the only family picture I managed to get and he was NOT having it 🙂

20140419_085813“Mom, this is the most amazing coloring thing I ever, ever seen!”  Ha!  Love this boy.

20140419_084755IMG_4164The Easter bunny, AKA Mom and Dad brought him some little treats and a super fun badminton set.  It was the hit with the cousins at family dinner last night.  He pretty much plays it like baseball 🙂

20140420_074824We got some dark chocolate, of course.

20140420_103041Went for a hike up Bells.  One of our favorite places to hike with him.  SO beautiful!  I was feeling so very thankful for my life, everything I have and get to do and for my family.  Also been thinking about Naomi, a lot.


20140420_10435220140420_143400Easter/spring colors for our Sunday dinner 🙂

20140420_174118I love that the cousins can all sit together now when we are all at Grandma Carol’s . 20140420_165940My beautiful Mom.

20140418_16205220140419_163225Dan and I both got in some good riding as well.  It was raining pretty hard 10 minutes before I took this picture.  I knew I’d be in the clear at the top.  So glad I went!  Sam also rode a bunch.

20140414_110612Spring break all last week brought bowling for his first time.  Loved it, especially since Kate and Max were there.

20140414_11223720140415_153404Lots of playing with cousins.

20140416_121534Celebrated Kate’s 7th birthday with lunch and seeing Frozen at the dollar movie.  That was HUGE hit with all the kids.

20140417_110636More playing with our cute neighbors.  These boys are awesome (Behr and Parks).  They played in the dirt and water for two hours straight!

20140417_164058And by far one of the coolest things he’s done yet…the Wairehouse Trampolines!  Another Mom friend I’ve recently met at the gym invited us to a spring break party.  Lots of jumping and food.  Jane and Siri joined us, too!

20140417_165252We will definitely be going here again in the hot and cold months.  SO fun!

20140418_152010And to finish off his week, we had Julia’s annual Egg hunt.  There were so many kids there.  I just love that she does this every year.  The weather was perfect and she was SO generous with all of the fun eggs they found and snacks.  Thank you!

Today we’re enjoying Dan’s day off for the holiday.  You bet we’ll be playing outside after preschool!

Have a great week!








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