Hello Monday

Hello spring break!

Not that it’s going to be all that different than any other week for us, but Sam doesn’t have school two days this week 🙂  We’re going to fill our time with lots of fun things, playing with cousins and friends all week.  Taking Sam bowling for his first time today, too!

Not a whole lot of exciting things going on around here, just the usual recap of the haps…

 20140410_161515We had some pretty warm weather last week.  Popsicles and lots of playing outside.

20140410_143444He REALLY wanted to run through the sprinklers one day.  Sure, why not?!


20140412_150600Dan went to check out one of our go-to rides to see if it was snow free.  Not quite yet, but we did do nine laps on the little trail at the bottom.  Sam was shredding it and rode about 3 miles worth.  So fun!

20140413_180431Made this super yummy Chicken Tikka Masala last night.  Used THIS recipe and it turned out great (used chicken instead of lamb).  Much better than the one other time I made this using a different recipe.  I already had the Garam Masala made, so the whole thing came together pretty quick.

20140409_151008And some more Monday Motivation, mostly for me.  I weigh a few more pounds now than I did late last summer.  My clothes fit the same, if not a little better and I have more lean muscle mass…that would be the main change that I see.  Lift those weights and don’t rely only on your scale!  I could still lose 8-10 more pounds of fat, but it’s a really freaking slow and hard process at this point, ugh!  I try not to get frustrated since I know I’m strong, healthy and comfortable in my own skin.  I’m proud of my journey and where I am.

Have a great week!





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