Spring in Moab

Another awesome, short and beautiful (kid-less) trip down south to ride bikes!  I took way less photos this time around than any other time we’ve gone.  We were too busy riding and enjoying the scenery 🙂

20140404_180950Rolled into this campsite around 6:30pm on Friday night.  It was just down the road from where we camped last year.  Almost no one out on this road which was pretty awesome since anywhere you camp in or near Moab now days can be crazy busy.  Maybe the clouds deterred people.  Not us!  The couch was a nice (and pretty gross) accessory, ha!

20140405_080416Camped with Jamon, his lady and another couple I know from working at Backcountry.  I loved this small group.   We all wanted to do various rides, climbs and hikes during the day so we went our separate ways and gathered back at camp in the evening.

20140405_105605Woke up Saturday to some clouds, but no rain.  Just a nice and mostly sunny day.  A little bit of wind when we started our first ride around 11am.  These trails are new to us and now a favorite!  This is Mag 7.  Seven trails that you can as loops, out and backs, the whole thing down to the road…whatever.  Dan and I got there before meeting some friends and did a lap before we met up with them.  Started from the top trail.  This one is Bull Run.  SO super fun!

20140405_10570320140405_125200And the views?  Man, they are GOOD.

20140405_12520320140405_12520820140405_124045We make a pretty awesome husband-wife riding duo.  We shredded the trails fast, flowy and best of all, together!

20140405_125148Solid group of riders here.  After our first run we met these guys for another longer ride down Bull Run and Great Escape.  Towards the end of the downhill portion, Dan’s quads cramped up like you wouldn’t believe.  He had to stop multiple times and ultimately, Andy had to book it to the car to go pick him up.  Thankfully you can drive the Gemani Bridges road the whole way so after we got off the single track, it was just the service road back to the car.

20140405_182020Made it back to camp just after 4pm.  Jamon and I decided to go out and ride the trails right near our camp while Dan rested his legs.  The views of the La Sal mountains are pretty epic from here.  Wish I would have brought my other camera to capture it.  I normally ride a lot with Jamon in the summer, mostly on my long rides (he does 24 hour hour bike races like it’s no thing) .  Besides Dan, there is no one else I would rather ride with.  Thankfully too, he’s one of the best bike mechanics we know.  Good thing, because my bike decided to break on this trail, about an hour in.  He managed to zip tie some things together and I was able to ride out.  I only had one gear, but it worked out fine.  I was just thankful I didn’t have to walk my bike the entire way back…in the dark 🙂

20140405_204918Lots of time around the fire.  Good food and great conversation.  This is by far one of the best parts of camping.

20140406_111046Woke up yesterday to more beautiful weather.  Got our camp taken down and headed out for one last ride on one of our favorite trails.  Rode the new single track called Hy Masa to Captain Ahab.  By far one of the coolest rides around Moab now.   These are trails that go off of the main trails people have ridden forever, called Amasa Back.   Ahab definitely pushes my limits of technical riding, which I love.  I had to walk some spots, but rode even better than I did last year.  Dan and Jamon enjoying a quick break before we head down.

20140406_111906Even though it was a quick trip, we always have the best time.  Can’t wait to go back with Sam and maybe even Grandpa Mike someday!

samsiribikesAnd we didn’t worry about Sam one bit.  Thanks to our friend Julia and my Mom, he had the best weekend and didn’t want to leave  🙂  Siri slept over at Grandma’s on Saturday night, so they got to play together all day yesterday.  I’m so grateful that he does so well without us.  Thanks again, Mom.  We love you!





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