The Haps

We spent most of our time doing this last week…even in the rain and cold.

Everyday he gets more comfortable and confident.  So fun!

20140330_171007Yesterday we got to watch Ruby for a little bit.  He is like Mother Hen when Ruby is here.  Giving her all the toys and soft things he can to make her happy.  “Here Rubes, you like this.  Here Ruby, let’s play!”  We were also trying to get her to walk 🙂  She took two real steps!

IMG_20140330_143005Got to spend a little time with Ali, my Mom and Ali’s Mother-in-law Sandy.

20140325_155450Sometimes we pick Siri up from school and go on a little date.  The best!

20140326_192420I’ve been hearing all about how kids are obsessed with the movie Frozen.  Well, I didn’t think Sam liked it very much until the past two weeks.  He sat and watched Frozen videos on Youtube for over 30 mins…probably more like an hour.  I’ll catch him singing the songs and talking about Olaf the snowman.  Maybe we’ll have to get that show sometime soon, it’s cute!

IMG_20140326_180802My new favorite hot sauce.  I did some Buffalo grilled chicken strips with it last week.  SO GOOD!

20140329_113624A rare Saturday lunch out.  Lone Star used to be one of our go-to’s but in the past several years not so much since Dan can’t eat (flour tortilla) burritos anymore.  They have some new stuff now that’s very us friendly.  Man, it was delicious.  Sam’s first time there.  He snarfed those tortillas and beans.

Today is my last Monday night spin class, which will be really good.  I’ve really enjoyed that group.  I’ve been teaching three times a week since late February.  Although I’m so thankful that I’ve had more classes, I’m just feeling too burned out spinning that much since I like to do lots of other stuff, plus bike season is right around the corner!  I’ll be teaching Tuesday nights and Friday mornings from here on out.

progress2014And a little Monday Motivation, pretty much just for me.  Ali sent me a few pictures from back when she got married and WHOA.  Holy cowzers it’s really awesome to see the changes I’ve slowly made.  Whenever I’m feeling frustrated or feel as though I’m not progressing fitness wise, all I need to do is look at stuff like this to remember that 1-I have come a long way and made huge changes and 2-I don’t ever want to go back to that, EVER.

Here’s one more, mostly so you can see how young Dan looked.  Not that he looks old, but he’s matured a lot the last 9 years 🙂

aliwedding1Have a great week!

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