Hello Monday

20140322_123606Nothing super exciting going on around here.  Mostly just a recap of last week and our weekend as usual. The ramps are back out!  Must mean we’re having some nice weather around here.  It was a bit chilly everyday last week, but warmed up more yesterday.  We’ll be close to 70 tomorrow before the rain comes.

20140320_121439He’s been riding a lot!

20140319_175426Dan was pretty sick last week.  He spent the majority of the day in bed and on the couch.  That bug worked him!  Thank goodness Sam and I didn’t get anything.

20140323_145320Glad he’s back to normal now.  We both got in a good ride this weekend and I spent lots of time with Sam in the skills park.  SO FUN!

20140323_140730Rode one of my fav trails with these two lovely lady friends.  Re and Jackie.

20140323_155954He was beyond excited to get ice cream.  I remember going to this place in Draper when it was the only place around on 12300 South.  Now, it’s surrounded by tons of other businesses.  It still looks the same though.  A little dive of a place.

20140320_201029Went to a baby shower for my cute cousin Natalie last week.  I love that my Mom (in the purple) and her sisters were all there.  I found them sitting all together, chatting away. Aren’t they all so beautiful?!  Makes me so happy and thankful I have two sisters.

20140322_111359Visited our sister and brought her some very pretty things.  He chose a big dragon fly that he said, “Oh mom, mom! Naomi would just loooooove this so much!”  Such a tender heart.  Oh, and he had to blow bubbles there too because she would think they are so pretty 🙂

20140320_125829And more randomness.  THIS is one of my go-to meals that we love.  We have it at least every two weeks or so.  Delicious!

20140317_175807And some stuffed peppers.  Italian hot sausage and a little sauteed onion and garlic.  Topped with a little pecorino.  This was also way good.  Too bad it gave one of us the toots so I’m not sure we’ll be making this version again. (think:  just like eating beans..it was Dan. TMI, sorry) 🙂

I’m taking a de-load week in all areas of weight lifting this week.  It’s good to rest and only go about half as heavy as usual.  My body needs it.  Feeling great though!

Have a great week!



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