Hello Monday {St. Patrick’s Day}

stpattysstpattys2Happy Monday!  I’m pretty certain one of the only reasons Sam is so excited for “green day” is because he’s in charge of the snack for preschool.  He’s got lots of green grapes and green and white cookies to share.   He said, “You need to take my pictures of the green cookies for my school!”  He asked to wear green pants, but I was running low on those 🙂

happydayWe celebrated Matt, Dave and Ali’s birthday in Kamas yesterday.  Blurry photo, but I love that Ali and Matt are about to blow their candles out.  Happy Birthday to Ali tomorrow!!

20140315_170720Jenn rented out a movie theater for Dave’s birthday party.  Kid friendly movie and snacks all around.  SO FUN!  Thanks for inviting all of us.  Sam LOVED the movie.

20140315_102612Got to watch all three girls on Saturday while Ali and Mark got in a ski date.  We made rainbow necklaces, played outside and Siri and Jane did several singing concerts for me 🙂

20140313_112442It was nice all week.  The best time to take him to the skate park is between 10 and 11am on a weekday.  He was the only one in there.  Best time ever.

20140314_151117Skied a bunch with cousins Kate and Siri.  They are all at the same level right now.  I was super impressed with how well Siri did from her first run to just her second.  Skiing through the trees and having the best time!  I’ll get some video on there this week sometime.

20140314_151139Grandma Carol came, too!

20140316_104329And the best news of all is that some of our favorite trails are open!  Dan rode Saturday and yesterday and I got one in as well.  I was feeling pretty burned out on riding last fall.  After not biking all winter, I’m seriously excited again.  As much as I say I get burned out on it, it’s my thing…my passion and something I just LOVE.  It’s like how I used to love skiing so much.  I do love skiing, but not nearly as much as time on my bike.

20140313_180156I made THESE cauliflower fritters last week.  I’d say these are one of the best things I’ve made in a long time.  Delicious!  (I subbed some rice flour for the whole cup of wheat flour).

collagesamlizAnd some motivation for my Monday.  I was organizing pictures on the computer last week and came across a hike Ali and I did back in the summer of 2010.  It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come both physically and mentally.  I still struggle with food and not making the best choices every single day, but I am SO proud of my journey thus far.  I was happy back then, but I’m so much happier now and more content with myself.  My whole being is just different and I love it!

Have a great week everyone!



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