St. George & Zion {lots of pictures}

Thank you Ali for inviting us to your really great in-laws house.  We always love going down there and had such a good time.  The kids played, played and played some more.  Lots of pictures, FYI 🙂

20140305_114936Headed down on a Wednesday morning.  Weekday vacations are the best.

20140305_152631Lots and lots of jumping on the tramp everyday.

20140305_17295520140305_173436Frozen yogurt is a must.

20140305_183738Played at the park a lot, too!

20140306_091825I just love that these trails are so close behind the house.  Not just for hiking, but good biking as well.  Super kid friendly, too!

20140306_09401820140306_09331020140306_110144Dan and I got a little bike date in after he joined us Wednesday night.

20140306_111741THE BEST!

20140306_164226The town square is also a sweet place to play.  As long as it was warm, they wanted to be in suits.

20140306_17073420140308_090229And we ate some yummy donuts at the Fractured Prune.  Not the best I’ve ever had, but way good.

And even though Ruby got a wicked cold the day after we got there and it spread to some of us, we had the best time.  So much playing, making good food, hanging out, jumping and just being together.

Ali and girls had to leave Saturday and we decided to head to Zion since Dan and Sam haven’t been there yet.  So glad we did!

20140308_163657Made our way to the hotel, unloaded and headed right back out for a hike to all the Emerald pools.  I didn’t think we’d make it to the top, but we did and Sam was loving it!

IMG_4041IMG_4047IMG_4059Little climber

IMG_4062LOTS of steep steps.  He does much better when its techy and interesting.  He didn’t complain one bit on these parts but the paved path below?  Too boring for him 🙂

IMG_4070Can’t get lost

IMG_406320140308_173047Upper pool.  This was so cool.  The sun was getting close to setting and it was pretty cool and very shady, nice and quiet.

IMG_4082Stopped for some yummy Thai food before hitting the sack.  This was the first time we’ve all slept in the same hotel room together.  Crazy, I know.  It worked out great and he slept on that little bed all night long.  I don’t like all the sounds kids make when they sleep, so I didn’t sleep really well.  Other than that, it was totally fine.

20140309_094818Headed back to the park in the morning.  I’m so glad we got out a bit early.  We beat most the crowds that came out after 11am.

IMG_4102We were the only ones at Weeping Rock.  Beautiful!

IMG_4099The walls in Zion.  SO, so, so amazing and huge.

IMG_4111Next was the Riverwalk to the Narrows.  I loved this.  Perfect for kids, even though this morning was pretty cold.  This would be great in the summer when it’s hot since you can play along the river so much.

IMG_4109Sam took some great pics of us!

IMG_4121IMG_4123Where the path ends.  I cannot wait to go back and do the Narrows and Angels Landing when he’s older.

IMG_4117The only really green spot we found anywhere.

20140309_134823After those two adventures, it was already time to head out.  Dan wanted to get a ride in he’d seen in Grafton (before Sprindale).  We shuttled him to what he thought was the right place and he was ready to go.

20140309_142038Sam and I hungout at the bottom, where there was a sweet old cemetery where the trail ends.  The views were grand and beautiful.

20140309_143142All of these people were born and died in the 1800’s.

Turns out Dan couldn’t find the exact trail so that ride was a bust.  Next time!  This was pretty much the perfect trip for us.  I was having SO many memories of going down there as a little kid and teenager and being so very thankful that my Mom did those things with us.  I love making these kind of memories with my own little family now.  Can’t wait for our next adventure!

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