Happy Birthday Ruby!

20140301_164631 20140301_163316

He could not wait to help her get messy 🙂20140301_163733Love you, Rubes!

20140301_174846Went to our favorite place after her party. I’m pretty certain we could eat Pho and lettuce wraps there every week.   Delicious!  It’s nice not to cook one day out of  the entire week:)

20140225_121026It’s still pretty mild here.  Some rain showers came through.  On and off clouds/rain this week, but highs in the upper 50’s.  Delightful!

20140226_171039They are really good at playing “story time” or “preschool.”  Siri is the best teacher!

20140226_164132Oh hi!

20140227_163024Love them.

20140302_153735Got some skiing in yesterday.  On our first chair ride up he asked Dan, “Dad, could you teach me how to jump?!”  Oh boy…it starts already, ha!

20140302_153802He wanted to ski through the trees pretty much the entire time.  He did so awesome.  Hoping we can get three runs out of him next time.

20140302_155648Re joined us for our last run…but snowball fights first!  So pretty up there.

I’m switching some things up far as my workouts go.  I feel like I’m a bit bored and  been stuck in a rut lately.  I’ve tweaked my schedule to focus more on strength training/lifting.  Since I’m teaching spin three days a week, I’ve already got more than enough cardio in.  I’d also like to lose some more weight that I’ve just been struggling to get motivated to get off.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m more than proud of how far I’ve come and how much I’ve lost already.  I know my potential is GREAT and I have fat that I need to lose to be the best version of me.  I’m going to be very mindful of what and how much I’m eating since I’ve been too loose with that lately.  I’m re-focusing on my journey some more.  It’s a hard lesson to learn, at least for me that there is no end point to my health and fitness.  It’s ongoing and just a part of daily life.   When the weather is warmer you bet I’ll be out on my bike, hope to trail run some and play, play, play!

Heading to St. George and Zion soon.  Can’t wait for playing, hiking, biking and relaxing down south for a while!


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