Hello Monday

We’ve  been having AWESOME weather!  If it’s not going to snow, then it might as well be sunny and in the 50’s.  Yesterday was 60.  Same today and tomorrow, then some rain later in the week.  You bet we’ll be outside playing all around!

20140223_160522Doing what they do best.  They are two peas in a pod out there on the trails.

20140223_153520I felt like going for a trail run.  I’m definitely not in trail running shape (specifically my ankles and calves), but it was so fun and really nice to be out there again.  Next time I’ll be on my bike 😉

20140223_16064320140218_162019“Mom, I just need to mow all the sidewalks in the block.  Then, let’s go mow a sidewalk to Naomi’s, she would looooove that!”  He’s the best.

20140220_082810Toy bath.  No water, just toys.

20140222_120156Got to watch these three girls for a bit.  Team Ruby!  She’s really not sure about it, but was a great sport to be in the front.  Ha!

20140222_181144And then we got to have dinner and movie night in PJ’s with them, too.  We like to play while Mark is away.

And on one last random note, one of my fitness goals for 2014 is to do one (strict) pull up.  Ali and I have been doing pull up progressions since the first of January and it’s starting to pay off and slowly but surely I’m realizing that I’m getting stronger and hopefully WILL be able to do one at some point.  For now though I did a chin up, from a complete hang.  Women specifically…have you ever tried one?  It’s hard and takes a lot of freaking muscle and work.  I knew a chin up would come first so I was stoked when I just randomly tried it at the gym.  Each day since then I’ve been able to do one to two each day.  Now I have to focus on that pull up.  And way to go Ali…she did a chin up from hanging just the other day!  (you can’t see my feet, but I stood on a box, then let myself down and then pulled up)

Teaching three spin classes this week.  If you ever want to join me, just shoot me an email.  I’d love to have you!  Have a great week!

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