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Happy Monday!

sisiterspinBoth my sisters made it to spin class this morning.  It was extra awesome!  I love that I got to start my day off sweating and suffering a bit.  I’ll be back teaching again tonight, tomorrow night and Friday morning.  Lots of spin this week since I’m subbing and my Monday night class is still going til March 1st.  I’ll be glad to only spin twice a week here soon.  So thankful this is my (very part time) job 🙂

20140213_152756Celebrated Valentine’s Day with his little friends and two cousins.  I love this little group of mom’s and their kids.  All similar in age and they are getting along well these days.

20140214_073328This is as far as I went for something special, besides the cookies we made for friends.  Oh, and some dark chocolate that night of course.

20140215_074632Sam decided that a Pecorino cheese crisp is the best thing right now.  He asked us to make him one for breakfast on Saturday morning.  It’s seriously YUMMY!

bikingSaturday was a busy and fun filled day.  He and Dan went biking in the morning, then we all skied with some friends in the afternoon.  Utah is awesome.

20140215_152628These little dudes are shredding!  Sam and Holden (on the far right) skied SO well together.  Same speed and strength at this point.  It’s SO nice to have friends with kids his age AND with the same interests!

20140215_150312My love

samnaomiHad a mellow Sunday with a visit to give Naomi some pretty things and a kiss, then up to Kamas for dinner and lots of playing with cousins.  So thankful for lots of cousins and that they are at the point they play so well together.

Have a great week and make sure to eat all the good for you foods and sweat some!


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