Sam {at Four years old}

Just a little update about Sam.  I love to look at back at all of these and someday, hopefully in the near future I’ll make our blogs into book 🙂

Is a ball of energy.  All day everyday.  The only thing that gets him down would be sickness and even at that, it has to be fairly bad for him to stop.

doctorIs so smart and speaks very clearly for his age.  We noticed this around the age of two and it’s even better now.  From his preschool teacher:

misslynetteIs respectful, polite, kind and attentive…especially in preschool and when he’s with other friends and cousins.  If another adult is in charge, he listens and is so polite.  Just the other day we got his mid-year assessment from Miss Lynette and one of her comments was, “one of my most attentive kids, in all of my classes.  He is very articulate and expresses himself well.”   That should make every parent proud, right!? Right.

Loves to play with toys, toys and more toys.  He mostly loves other friends and cousins toys but at home it’s mostly cars, trucks, trains and flying planes.

Loves to play Candy Land and the Ladybug Game.  All day.

Is a picky eater, but is getting better at at least trying new things, especially when that’s our rule at dinner.  His favorite foods right now are nuggets, most veggies (especially roasted) hot dogs, pb&j sandwich, pizza, sausage, bacon, pretzels, frozen blueberries, any fresh berries or fruit, pork tenderloin and chicken.  And of course, he’ll eat any treat he can get his hands on so I have to limit those 🙂

pizzaLOVES to ski, ride his bike, hike, swim and play, play, play outside.  The more time outside for him, the better.  He’s come leaps and bounds in his skiing and I’m sure his biking  and swimming will take off even more this summer.

Loves to snuggle cozy and soft things when he’s going to sleep.  The cozier things are, the better.   LOVES cousin Ruby.  The one on one time he gets with her, is so amazing and precious.  He will take care of her and watch every little thing she is doing and try to help her eat, crawl and stand.

Blows us away with the questions and thoughts he has about Naomi.  He is such a tender soul when it comes to our conversations about her.  He is a special brother.

Is happy, healthy and the greatest added joy to our lives!


32 pounds 17%

39 inches tall  19%

Still naps for about an hour a day.  Sleeps from 8:30pm-7am.

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