Hello Monday {Whole30, the end}

It rained on and off all weekend here in the valley.  Lots of snow in the mountains.  Thaaaaank goodness!  We needed this moisture so bad.  More to come this week it looks like.

We stayed pretty mellow all weekend.  Sam is doing much better now and Dan is slowly getting better from his cold.  Spent a lot of time watching the Olympics and not wanting to take pictures.  I don’t blame them 🙂

20140209_16101920140208_174857Got out of the house last night for a new Pho place.  Not nearly as good as our go-to Oh Mai.  Sam snarfed it down, so that was a win!

sammomI taught spin on Friday and Saturday morning.  So.much.sweat.  I’ll be teaching every Tuesday night and Friday morning from here on out.  I love teaching and making people suffer and sweat 🙂   And despite his red and gunky eyes, he’s been in a great mood.  His eyes look great today, thank goodness.

20140209_16373120140209_163717Took a nice walk after the rain stopped yesterday late afternoon.  I think everyone should get as much joy out of going through puddles as he does.

20140209_180613Had another yummy Sunday dinner.  Slow cooked pork shoulder, sauerkraut and rutabaga-mashed.  Delicious!  I’m a huge fan of slow cooked meats, so I loved this.  The rutabaga would be really good cubed up and roasted, too.

Today is the last day of my Whole30.  I’ll be very honest and say that I’ve been REALLY ready for this to be over.   Not because it’s hard, because this time around it wasn’t compared to my first time but because I’m much more in tune with what does and doesn’t bother my insides and I just feel really good.  I paid particular attention to exactly how my body felt this entire time and made sure not to overdue it with nuts and fruits, which I know cause me bowel issues.   Last night at dinner I declared to Dan that this Whole30 was a huge success for me.  I feel better now than I did at the end of my first time around back in October.

I didn’t do this for weight loss, but rather to curb those sugar cravings and to reset my own mind and eating habits and to support my sisters who did this as well.  I wish I would have measured my inches, as I’m certain I lost those along with the 2 lbs.  My clothes are looser and I can see and tell there’s a difference in my body.  Mostly more lean muscle mass though, which I’m all for!  I’ll add in greek yogurt this week and see how the protein powder we use makes me feel.  In the past, these two things haven’t bothered me at all.  Dark chocolate, too (non dairy variety)

I ate A LOT of really good food the entire 30 days and like I’ve said before, it really isn’t that different than the way we eat now on a daily and weekly basis.

20140209_083632Bumpkin (dan and sam didn’t like it, I did)

20140206_180932Stuffed Pablanos and mashed sweet potatoes

  I feel SO, SO good and have lots and lots of energy.  I hope that I can remember and be mindful of how good I feel right now when I’m having cravings or start overeating something.  That happens, it’s real life for me but I so want to keep feeling like this all the time!  If you ever want to look into doing this or want to know more about it out of curiosity, read the book, It Starts With Food (just get it from the library).  You’ll then start to understand what I’m talking about here, how your eating and cooking habits can change for the better and also, your mind will change the way you look at food and what you’re putting into your body.  I highly recommend it!

Have a great week, people!


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