Good Monday morning {another whole30 update}

heli2While the Broncos were losing last night, Sam was busy flying a super cool helicopter at our friends party.  He’ll probably be talking about this forever now.  At least there were a lot of kids, good friends and yummy (even whole30 friendly) food.

20140128_114511We had lots of thawing and melting last week before the snow came.  I’m pretty sure he could dig out there all day.

20140128_150010Went skiing and did more swimming and hanging out with our friends at Snowbird.  He even skied through some trees and bumps this time.  So proud of him!

20140131_163657Got to hangout with and watch Ruby.  He felt like such a big boy trying to carry her around.  She wasn’t very into it :).  They just played and played until Ali and Mark got home.  He just loves her so much.  And,  she is getting so big.  11 months old!

I’m in my last full week of the Whole30.  Last week went pretty well, although I feel like I snacked more often than the previous weeks.  Last time I didn’t really crave/want or need chocolate but this time that’s pretty much all I want.  Not sure what it is, but I’ll be happy to eat some later next week 🙂  I’m feeling really, really great which is huge motivation.  My clothes feel very comfortable and even a bit loose and my energy is high.  My skin seems to be smoother and I just feel lighter.  It’s hard to describe that feeling since you’ll just have to do this sort of thing to feel it.

backmusclesFrom one of my Instagram posts last week…here is what I said: “Sometimes it takes a Target dressing room and flexing like a fool (seriously, I felt so dumb) to see how far I’ve come.  I still have some flab, I have loose skin and stretch marks but I embrace them.  I love this body of mine and will continue to work on it.  Lift all the heavy things, people!  Or, at least move your body!”

All of that is true.  I do have more fat I could lose and I will always have some loose skin from being so overweight and those stretch marks?  Well, I don’t really care because I have birthed two beautiful babies and it shows!  I have a lot of muscle and I’m proud of that and work for it daily.  I just feel so good, and that’s what’s most important to me.  Even if you don’t lift a lot of weight, just do something to keep those muscles working!

And here’s a bit of what we’ve been eating…

20140128_073916Yummy smoothie for me.  I normally always eat eggs in the morning, but I love a good smoothie, too.  Water, ice, frozen banana, a little coconut milk, hemp seeds and spinach.

20140128_111612Made some mayo last week.  I’m not a huge fan of it, but I like it in my tuna.  Normally I’d just make it with greek yogurt, but this will have to do until the whole30 is over.  And really, nothing is better than homemade anyway.

pancakesSunday breakfast.  Something new!  Almond meal and berry pancakes.  These were delicious and held together better than any other whole30 or the like kind of pancakes I’ve tried in the past.  Those are just frozen berries since that’s all we had.  A little dollop of  coconut milk on top.

nuggetsAnd some “nuggets”  Tried these out yesterday and they were really good!  I will definitely be making these again and hoping Sam will love them.  The sauce is just stone ground mustard and some banana pepper juice since I didn’t have lemon.  Coating is ground almonds, onion and garlic powder, cayenne, s&P.  Some were dipped in egg first, some weren’t.  I couldn’t tell a difference so I’ll just skip the egg next time.  YUM!

Have a great week!  Move your body and eat all the good for you foods!





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