Hello Monday {whole30 update}

We had a great weekend relaxing, hanging out outside some and keeping it mellow since Sam has had a nasty cough.

sambucketWoke up at 5:30am on Saturday with a horrid cough and the kind of weezing breathing that makes a parent worry.  Some time in our bed, a mellow morning and an unusually long nap and he was smiling again.  Still coughing today, but much better since he slept a lot last night and took another long nap today.  Hopefully Dan and I don’t get this funk.  Bleh.

20140121_154110Did some skiing last week.  He’s doing so great!

He was NOT stoked I was taking video 🙂

20140122_154231Time at the library.  Good for when it’s cold and smoggy…like most days right now.

20140124_200659Had a really fun time at Jamon’s mardi gras party.  Nice little date night out!

20140125_161626Our friends from DC came to town so we met them for some swimming up at Snowbird Saturday afternoon.  Sam’s cough mellowed out a lot because of all the steam.  Swimming more up there this week!


Dan got out for a nice tour this morning.  You can see his tracks there if you look carefully.dantour2It’s pretty sad up there.  Not much snow at all.  Hoping for some this week.

20140126_163154Park and family time yesterday afternoon.


Going into week three of the Whole30.  Felt really good last week.  Didn’t have any headaches from those muscle spasms I was having.  That makes all the difference in how I feel.  Had lots of good, fun workouts and ate yummy food.  I have to say though, I’m getting a bit tired of eating so much meat.  We eat a lot of lean protein around here anyway but I’m finding myself reaching for meat as a protein source after working out and to be quite honest, I’d love to reach for some greek yogurt, jerky, string cheese or the protein powder we like…just for more variety on that front.

Other than that, things are going great.  I love this feeling of no bloating and just feeling light.  My clothes are fitting really well and I’ve got tons of energy most days.  Trying some new recipes this week, too.  Two more weeks to go!

20140122_145323Terrible picture, but went out of my normal black and grey.  I think the stripes actually look pretty great on this body of mine 🙂  I was feeling particularly good this day.  So much energy.

20140124_115629Chunky Egg and Bacon salad that Ali and I shared for lunch one day.  It’s a recipe from my Mom or maybe my Grandma Fetzer.  It is delicious!  Served on lots of greens and tomatoes.  Apples and carrots on the side.  Oh, and some snap pea crisps. YUM.

20140121_175906Shepherds pie.  Mashed cauliflower on top.  This is total comfort food to us.

20140122_180837Spinach, broccoli and sausage frittata for dinner.

20140126_080914My go-to breakfast.  Egg scramble with {chorizo, bacon or sausage} bell peppers, scallions and a roasted tomato and chipotle salsa.  I normally have some fruit on the side as well.  Chai tea with a bit of coconut milk, too.

20140125_131427If I’m feeling like I want something “sweet,” it’s berries and/or bananas and {plain} coconut milk (cold from the fridge, so it’s like whipped cream).  A few raw, toasted almonds on top.

20140125_183216And a new recipe Dan made Saturday night.  A paprikash style beef stew.  Subbed parsnips and orange beets for white potatoes.  I LOVE that Dan eats exactly what I do during these 30 days.  Makes things SO much easier and better.  This was really good, despite the fact that I’m not a huge fan of beets.

Here’s to a great week and hoping we get some weather.

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