Thankful Thursday

Just something random on this Thursday…

The other day while we were driving around Sam said, “Mom, how old was I when we cried a lot and gave pink roses to Naomi?”  I looked back and told him he was 2.5 years old and that we were so sad she couldn’t come home with us, but she is in heaven now.  His face light up and he got the biggest smile and said, “Mom, she is! Maybe when I’m five she can come be with us, that would be the best!”


Oh, be still my heart.  Conversations like this are so tender and part of our normal, everyday life now.  He’ll often talk about her and talk about how special she is, where she is and what kinds of things she would like.  He usually always mentions that she is in heaven and that she’ll come be with us when he’s five.  It’s still hard to think about  and still such a tender thing for me.  It always will be but as time goes by, it’s becoming easier to talk about and it’s just a normal thing for us.  It’s amazing what our little children think about and tell us.  He has a special place for his sister in his heart and for that, I am thankful.



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