Hello Monday

Happy Monday!  If the 49ers would have won, this would have been an even better Monday morning post 😉

No snow in sight last week, so we tried to get outside when we could.  Lots of smog, but it hasn’t been super cold, which is nice.

bikeridingBiked to the park one day.  This kid was flying down the street.  I pretty much had to run to keep up.  Have to keep working on riding his pedal bike!

sirisamskiSkied on Saturday afternoon.  Even got to take a little run on the tows with Mark and Siri.  She is doing awesome.  Go Siri!  We headed over to the Sunnyside lift and made two runs over there.  We could have done more since he was skiing so well and even faster than the week before, but the lines were pretty long to get on the lift.  He was just chatting away and saying “woohoo!!” the whole way down.  It makes us so happy that he’s happy out there.  The best.

alisledHeaded up to Kamas for Sunday dinner yesterday.  We got out of the car and he went right to sledding down their driveway.  It’s the perfect hill for these kids.

lizsledSo fun!

Starting week two of the Whole30.  Last time around, my energy started to really come around about five days in.  Sure enough, on Saturday afternoon I had tons of energy.  I went to bed that night and fell asleep right away and woke up around 6:30am ready for the day.  Tons of energy yesterday as well.  My neck spasms have gone away almost completely and I haven’t had a headache since last Wednesday, so all of that combined is making me feel awesome!

I’ve been really conscious of keeping my fruit (especially apples) and nut and sweet potato intake much less than last time and it seems to be working.  No “bowel issues” that I’m annoyed with or concerned about thus far.  Last time around that started happening in the first week.  I’m trying my best not to snack between meals so I’m really focusing on eating til I’m very full at each meal.  This is still hard for me, but I’m doing way better at this point.

And some stuff we’ve been eating…

tikka masalaPaleo Chicken Tikka Masala    (served over roast cauliflower)  This was good, but the recipe called for way too many tomatoes.  It tasted like spices and overpowering tomato flavor.  This dish takes lots of prep and some time, so I was bummed it didn’t turn out as great as I hoped.  I even made my own Garam Masala spice mixture.  At least I now have that on hand for the next time I make this.  I’ll do diced tomatoes instead of crushed and add little to possibly not tomato paste.  It was way better the day after since the spices were able to sit and marinade a bit.   You should try it!

zucchiniI shred zucchini and keep it on hand for various things.  My favorite is sauteed til brown in an egg scramble.  Delish!

almondchickenAnd one of my most favorite easy chicken dishes.  Almond crusted chicken with a stone ground mustard “sauce” on top.  SO good.  I just cut up some chicken breasts into strips, coat with Almonds that have been finely chopped in the processor.  Brown on each side in a cast iron skillet and finish off in the oven.  Just did some simple steamed broccoli on the side.  The sauce is just stone ground mustard and lemon juice.  YUM!   Here’s to a yummy week two and feeling REALLY great!


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