Whole30 {round two}

Happy Thursday!

Before I get to the Whole30, here are some pictures from the last of Grandpa Mikes stay.  When he left on Tuesday morning he was giving him the biggest hug and said, “I’ll miss you so much Grandpa…all the time.”  Ugh, adorable!  I’m sure we’ll see you again in no time…hopefully for some time here and some camping in Southern Utah 🙂

20140110_181024Took Mike to Oh Mai for the first time.  He loved it!

buckwheatDan made buckwheat waffles for a weekend breakfast.  Delish!

gpasamguitarLots and lots and lots of playing and watching football on Sunday.

samgpaskiMonday, for Sams birthday we did some skiing in the afternoon.  Just one run since it was pretty cold and windy.  He did so awesome though!

mattdavisEven got to meet up and ski with our dear friend Matt, here from NYC.  I haven’t seen him in years, so it was nice to spend a bit of time with him.

Sam was spoiled and happy as can be this birthday and I’m 100% fine with it 🙂

Onto some Whole30 talk….

I’ve been having some really bad neck muscle spasms, which have caused me to have wicked tension headaches so I’ve had to back off my weight lifting and in general, how hard I work out.  I’ll tell you what though…it’s way more difficult for me NOT to do that stuff than it is to do the Whole30, seriously. Hopefully I’ll be back at it by later next week after some TLC, electrodes stuck onto my neck and few muscle relaxers.  We’ll see.

On day 5 of of my second go at this.   Last time I was so worried about this entire process so I started planning, reading and just thinking about it(SO much), way ahead.  This time though, it’s not really a big deal.   I planned my menus for the week on Saturday and shopped off of that to make sure I got what I needed.  It’s really not much different than how we normally eat.  Dan eats everything I do, but will add in white potatoes or rice if he needs the fuel.  I missed having some dark chocolate on Tuesday, but that craving didn’t last long.

After all the treats I ate over the holidays and good food we had when Jane was here, I was very much ready and motivated to do this again.  Hopefully when I come out of this one, I won’t be so tempted with treats and “special occasions” as often as I was the last two months.  I feel pretty darn good right now (my insides especially), minus the neck pains and headaches.  I always say I care more about how I feel on a daily basis and how my clothes fit, it really is true for me.

Enough talk.  Here are some pics of the yummy food we’ve been eating thus far.

bigsaladMy go-to lunch.  BIG salad with chicken, lots of veggies and hemp hearts. I pretty much stick with the same variation on breakfast and lunch.  It keeps me on track.

berriescoconutFrozen (heated for 1 min) berries, firmed coconut milk from the fridge and almonds.  Man, SO good!

carneadovadaA new dinner for us.  You should try it.  I’ll be making this again for sure.
Carne Adovada.  Served over roast cauliflower.  Would be good with avocado but we didn’t have any that were ripe.

burgerpotfriesQuick green chili burgers and baked sweet potato fries.  Super simple.

almondbutterAnd made some almond butter again.  This time I toasted the almonds longer and added a bit more salt.  It’s perfect and so yummy.

Hope you all have a great weekend!  We’ll be out playing, skiing and watching football.


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