Hello Monday!

Happy Monday!

As much as I don’t want all the holiday fun and Dan’s days off to end, I’m excited to be back to our routine.  Sam has been asking to go to preschool quite a bit so I know he can’t wait to get there this morning.  I’ll be teaching spin every Monday night and Sam starts a gymnastics/tumbling class every Wednesday night.

Last week was cold and hazy, but we managed to get out a bit thank goodness.


New Year’s Eve was mellow since Dan had to work.  Janie turned THREE years old so we celebrated with her a bit in the morning at the church gym.  Best place for kids to play in the winter!

20131231_103606That night we ate some yummy food at Oh Mai, played games of Candy Land (his latest obsession) and watched some Planes movie in our PJ’s.  Sam was in bed by 8:30pm and we followed shortly after at about 10…and totally fine with it!

20131231_190450Happy New Year!

20140101_155500New Year’s day I got some skiing in with Re all afternoon.  We met up with Dan and Sam but we were both just too cold to ski anymore.  So fun though to be skiing something other than the beginner runs 🙂  I also went to a yoga class at the gym, my first time going.  I need more of that in my life.

20140104_171120Thank you Jenn and Dave for the awesome Christmas gift.  Date night at Finca.  So good!  You should definitely go there.

20140104_180125Grilled carrots with a saffron butter and honey sauce.  Their lamb belly was a major score for Dan.

Ali and I are doing another round of the Whole30 starting on the 13th.  Much needed for me after the holidays.  My sister Jenn and a few other friends are joining in as well for their first time!  I learned a lot last time around, so I’m hoping this round goes a bit smoother since I have more knowledge and know what food items not to eat too much of 🙂

danskiing2And Dan got out on another long tour.  Actually found some pretty good snow!

danskiingWe’re excited to see Grandpa Mike this week and to start celebrating Sam’s birthday week! Have a great week and remember, do something everyday, even something little to better yourself and your health!



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