Good Monday Morning

And a Happy New Year this week!

We had a most wonderful, relaxing and super fun Christmas.  Our entire week was basically like that last week.  It was awesome.  Grandma Jane was here Monday-Friday.  It really is always so hard to say goodbye to Dan’s family, but thankfully we made the most of it as we always do.

Lots of pics and some words.  Enjoy!

20131223_151302Since Jane was coming in later Monday, we decided to take our one trip downtown for the holiday season.  Grand America, City Creek, Temple Square, ride Tracks a bit, stopped at Trader Joes then to pick up Jane from the airport.  Whew!

20131223_16395820131223_16551220131223_17353920131224_082419Christmas Eve was mellow.  I spent some time at the gym in the morning while these guys snuggled and played together with Dan.


20131224_112221Quick snack at our favorite taco cart.

20131224_160737We had an early dinner before heading to the torchlight parade at Snowbird, a favorite tradition for us on Christmas Eve.  Dan made THE most amazing short ribs. Holy cow!  By far his best meal yet.  Herb roasted potatoes and green beans on the side.  Delicious!


20131224_191206Before bed, Sam and I both opened our new PJ’s, a special hoodie from Grandma and a few books.  He could not wait for Santa to come and slept peacefully all night long.

20131224_192539We ended the night with Dan’s homemade frozen eggnog mousse pie.  Amazing.  That’s Jane’s homemade toffee crushed on top.

xmasmorningSanta came.  We were all so lucky to have received some wonderful gifts. I am thankful.



IMG_400720131225_152422Spent Christmas afternoon and evening in Kamas with my Mom, John and my brother Justin’s family.  It was beautiful!

CIMG8190Sam, Jane and I usually try to go to breakfast and visit Naomi when she’s here.  Dan was back at work, so pancakes it was!

naomichristmasMerry Christmas to our little angel.  Would have been her second holiday with us.  My heart is full.

marshallWent to see Matt and Sheri’s new puppy, Marshall.  Holy cow he is too adorable!  He was tuckered out and slept on all of our laps. So cute.

dinnerjane2Ended her stay with a quiet dinner out.  Thanks again for everything, Jane.  We LOVE you!

IMG_4018Happy Christmas!

I’ve gotten rid of all the treats and am craving feeling “lighter” and less bloated.!  I’ll be back later this week to talk about some things I’ve been thinking about for 2014.  Nothing that big, but always good to have goals you’re reaching for.


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