Good Monday Morning

Happy week before Christmas!  I feel like time is going way too fast for this time of year.  Two more holiday parties to go to this week.  I love all of them, but it’ll be nice not to have anything else that we have to go to for a while 🙂

20131212_195732It’s pretty festive over here!  Our cute neighbors Kirk and Linda had Sam over with the rest of their grand kids to build that small candy house.  It makes me so happy they think of Sam all the time and love him so much.   And thank you Jenn, Kate and Max for hanging out with Sam last week and making that totally awesome A-Frame house.  Adorable.

20131213_091303We got to watch Ruby for a while last week while Ali and Mark took the other girls skiing.  I say this all the time, but holy cow he loves her so much.  He held her like this for quite some time, even though she wiggles and crawls like crazy these days.

20131213_113335After she woke up from her nap, I told him to play with her for a minute while I did something.  15 minutes later, they were still playing with each other in her room.  I’d say it’s a miracle this lasted for 30 minutes since she’s on the move now.   It just makes me heart so happy to see them.  I even spied for a bit, listening to the conversation he was trying to have with her 🙂

20131214_111303The weather last week was pretty blah and cold, cold.  Thankfully yesterday the inversion lessened a little bit.  Still though, it’s smoggy and cold and will be for at least the next several days.  We got outside for a just a bit one day and that was it.

20131213_195214Friday night we did our annual baking night with my sisters and Mom.  I love, love this tradition.  We get to eat a yummy dinner, exchange goodies, bake these gems and chat all night.  One of the best things we do in December for sure.

20131213_211518Jenn, Mom, Kerrah, Sheri, Liz & Ali

20131215_105359And thankfully, we can get out of the smog and into the mountains for some warm and clear air.  Sam is taking a while to warm up to skiing this year.  Considering how great he was doing last season, it’s been quite hard for him this time.  He went with Dan a few weeks ago and it was a disaster but we know that if we just keep going, he’ll be comfortable with it again.  We took him on the rope tows, just for two little runs yesterday.  He has no problem with stopping and turning by himself but for some reason, he now has a fear of going down/forward/on his own.  I held his hand a bit most the time and by the last run, he was able to let go and ski on his own.  We were SO proud of him!

20131215_105332He smiled and said multiple times that “i’m a great skier, mom!”  and I agree!  As long as he’s having fun, that’s what I care about.  He asked to go back to the chairlift many times, so we’ll head there next time.  I remember hating skiing when I was little, especially in elementary and the first of junior high, so I get it 🙂

20131215_182822And last night we had Sunday dinner with everyone at my Mom’s in Kamas.  All the cousins exchanged their gifts since we all won’t be with each other on Christmas day.  It was quite crazy there for a bit.  They were all so excited for each other and what they gave and received.

sampresentSam waits patiently to give his gift to Siri.  I love when Mark captures moments like this.  Thank you!

20131215_182924He got a really awesome wood truck from Emily.  She just loves him so much, it’s adorable.  The perfect gift for this car and truck loving kid.  Thanks Em!

Oh, and I taught my first spin class on Saturday morning.  I was asked to sub and jumped right on it!  This class is probably one of the most popular of the week and most well attended.  I was nervous beforehand since I knew most the people that would be in there and they spin regularly.  I wanted to give them a really good and hard workout.  I also knew Ali would be there, as she normally is 🙂

teach spinIt was awesome!  As soon as I put that microphone on and the music started, I felt so comfortable.  I’m more than proud of myself for going outside of my comfort zone and doing something I knew I was capable of, but always scared and nervous to do.  And this isn’t the best picture, but I’m glad Ali got this one of us right after.  She said such nice and heartfelt things, which gave me a huge boost in my confidence.  Thanks for always encouraging and supporting me, sister.   Can’t wait for my regular Monday night class to start!

20131213_160628And that’s about it for the last week and weekend.  We’re getting SO excited for Grandma Jane to come for the week of Christmas.  One more week to go!

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