Just a few things

Before I became a Mom, I didn’t fully realize JUST how important and awesome these two things would  be in my life…


Naps. And really good naps at that!  He’s almost four and he’s napping everyday still.  Some days he asks to take one, some days not.  But I’m always consistent and put him down around the same time everyday.  Sure there are exceptions, but I’m the type of Mom that protects my kids sleep and enables him to take a snooze each day.  Plus, when you’re a stay at home Mom the peace and quiet and alone time is precious 🙂cookiesFriends, play dates, Mom friends.  Whatever you want to call it, it’s SO needed.  I’ve been getting together with these gals for several years now. Our kids may not always get along all the time, but it’s getting better as they get older.  Having friends that are the same age as your own is so valuable and having Mom’s who have similar interests helps, too.  Besides our family and cousins, we play with these guys each week if we can.

They had so, so much fun decorating cookies together yesterday and pretty sure they were all on a sugar high.  It’s OK though, as we don’t do this often and this is what the holidays are about…the memories!

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