Trim up the tree

We’ve been keeping things pretty mellow around here.  Sam and I were sick with a cold last week and mine continued through the weekend.  Finally feeling better and I can breath!

It’s been COLD.  Like, single digits cold and snowing on and off.

20131203_162333We both lasted about 10 minutes out there.  Our noses were a runny mess!

20131205_143136“Mom, if we make gingerbread guys, our colds will feel better!”  I don’t bake often with him and this was so, so fun.  The house was all warm and cozy, christmas music on and he was so into cutting the cookies out and sprinkling them.  We delivered some to his favorite neighbor friends Behr and Parks.

20131206_153716He was invited to a friends birthday party at Jungle Jim’s.  He rode these planes the most out of anything.  Happy Birthday Rachel!

20131202_185018Took a trip to one of our favorite tree lots.  This was right before the freezing cold and snow came.  He went right to Santas lap…twice!  He wasn’t nervous or scared at all.  Probably because Santa gave him a small candy cane both times 🙂

20131202_185234The real reindeer are a HUGE hit with this kid.

20131202_185407We didn’t end up getting our tree at this lot…

20131206_181511But we found the perfect one at another lot down the road!  He was mostly excited about this Grinch and Frosty thing.

Sam asked multiple times each day last week when we could get our tree.  Friday night was the night and he was so excited!

20131206_193705He did most the decorating, of course.

20131206_19373320131207_081845My most favorite Naomi ornament.  I just LOVE it.


Saturday I tried to rest as much as I could while they played outside for a while.20131207_163814Our friends host a super fun kid’s party every December.  These three boys had THE best time together.  All of them ride bikes, ski and have super athletic and outdoorsy parents.  It’s nice to have lots in common.  We need to play with you guys more often!

20131204_203415And since I haven’t talked about food much lately, I thought I’d share a super yummy crispy “cookie” Dan made last week.  Recipe is found HERE.  These were so easy and seriously good.  Even Sam loved all the almonds!  Gluten free and minimal ingredients.  And a small update in the weight maintenance dept…Last week I was up about four pounds since doing the Whole30.  I’m totally fine with it because I feel really good.  My clothes fit and I’m figuring out on a daily basis how to maintain this lifestyle, while not getting back into bad patterns.  This month is especially hard with all of the parties and events going on surrounding the holidays, that’s just real life.  I’ll weigh myself in again maybe next week or the week after.  It’s a great way to stay in check every couple weeks to a month.  My workouts have been great and starting the first Monday in January, I’ll be teaching my very own spin class Monday nights at 6:30pm!   Come sweat up a storm with me 🙂

Have a great week!



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