A few gems

This past weekend Ali emailed us a bunch of pictures.  She and my Mom were going through our old family slides.  I’ve been through a lot of these before myself, but there are hundreds more I haven’t seen.  SO many gems in there.

Although my Dad hasn’t been in the picture for most of my life after third grade, I can’t help but be so thankful that he loved photography and loved taking pictures of his kids, nature and life in general while he and my Mom were married.

Here are just a few.  These bring back great memories of the house where we  grew up in Holladay!

oldfamxmasChristmas morning.  I LOVED our tradition of seeing the living room all closed up, waiting for us to see what was inside.  We’d take a quick family photo (always by the sliding doors) then one by one, they would let us go in.

oldxmasdayI will always remember the warm fire that was always going.  We ALWAYS had a real tree.  The best.

oldmomlizaliskiThankfully my Mom pushed me to love skiing.  I hated (and I mean hated) it when I was in elementary and some of junior high.  Turns out I actually liked it 🙂

oldalilizskiAli and I were pretty cool with our one piece snow suits and fanny packs.

oldjustinandlizPlaying a new Atari game with Justin.

lizfouryrsoldAnd for the first time since Sam was born, I can see myself in him.  I always see Dan but here I can see him.  Probably the same age here, about four years old.    Can’t wait to go through more of these slides.

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