Good Monday Morning

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!  Four days off for Dan and nice weather to boot!  He went biking Thursday, Friday and Saturday.  Pretty much the best ever for him if it’s not going to be snowy 🙂   Thanksgiving morning I went to an early spin class, followed by lots of playing with Sam while Dan was riding.

20131128_134617Off to Grandma’s we go!  All of my family was there except Ali and Mark.  We sure missed them!  It was SO fun to be all together at my Mom and John’s.  The best.

20131128_153815This is the first year we’ve had a kids table.  Best.thing.ever.  They LOVED sitting with each other and it let us adults enjoy our delicious food and chatting.  These kids really love each other and play so well together.

usturkeydayHad to take a little family photo 🙂

20131128_163533Grandma and I made the kids go on a walk after that delicious meal.

20131128_163314My Mom.  She is beautiful and kind and so grateful all of us could be with her.

20131128_171847The kids played some Apples to Apples.

20131128_173127And we ended the night with yummy pie by Mom and Jenn and some amazing cookie bars made by Dan.  So good!

20131129_152627The rest of our holiday weekend was spent playing outside, more spin classes…

20131129_15375520131130_122227Having the  best time at his cute friends birthday party (Thanks Brooke!)…

20131201_085651Playing on a train that was “headed north!”

20131201_15552320131201_160048And more time outside.  We’re supposed to get snow and bitter cold temps here in the next day or two so we have to soak this up while we can!

Oh, and Dan made his super yummy olive oil, herb and garlic chicken.  Oh man this is good.  Did some roasted and mashed cauliflower with one potato and Pecorino cheese.  Yikes! So rich.


And just for comparison sake, I made Dan take a picture of me in the same spot as last year.  Still wearing black, but at least it has some fun print on it 🙂

Left is 181 pounds.  And I can say that difference of 30 pounds is huge.  I just feel SO much better mentally and physically.

thennowHave a great week!


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