St. George {annual girls trip}

Despite 2.5 days of rain and cold, we still had a great time!

20131123_104240So pretty

20131123_170404Snow and slick rock….a beautiful combo.

20131123_163800Ali’s in-law’s house really is awesome.  Nice and roomy.  Two miles away is Snow Canyon and right up the street are these trails…

20131123_10355320131124_09262120131123_103002The weather broke long enough to get in a trail run on Friday morning and a bike ride yesterday morning.  Cool, calm and overcast.

20131123_164845And poor Jenn had THE worst cold the entire time.  She needed to get out of the house on Saturday afternoon so we went on a walk and had some good conversation.

20131122_113016My Mom and I did our first Zumba class.  It was fun!  I wouldn’t do this as a serious workout, but it’s great for something new and different.  Plus, watching all of us try to do it was quite entertaining 🙂

20131121_201341Played some long games of Rummikub while we watched movies, shows and listened to christmas music.  The best.

20131121_182547Of course we ate yummy food.  We mostly cooked at the house, but went out a few times.

noodlebowlVietnamese Saturday night.  It’s hard to get something as good as Oh Mai, but it was still tasty.

20131124_115955Yesterday morning before we left was so pretty and finally, finally some sunshine!  So bummed we had to leave.

20131124_120812Can’t wait for our next trip down there.  So glad we make this happen every year.  Love you ladies!


One thought on “St. George {annual girls trip}

  1. super awesome unflattering pic of me when we were at the pizza factory. your sunglasses in the last pic look rad. and, that was way fun.

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