Good Monday Morning

IMG_3977Nothing too exciting happening around these parts.  Sam and I started yesterday morning with a workout.  I love this kid!  He did the squats, pushups and burpees with me downstairs, then headed out to cheer me on and run some sprints.  He loves to tell me “ready, set, go!”  It seems our working out habits are really rubbing off on him 🙂

puddleridingHe and Dan went on a bike ride to the park.  Always have to ride in the puddles.  Always.

chickensoupyumI made this delicious chicken soup on Saturday night while Dan and Sam went swimming.  He said they must have gone down the slide at the Murry indoor pool at least 50 times.  I believe it from how long they were gone.  Soup is just chicken thighs, our homemade stock, onions, carrots, celery and 1/2 c. rice.  All done in the pressure cooker.  SO delicious and comforting on a cold night.

pulledporkYesterday the Saints played the Niners, so of course Jamon came over with some Gumbo and Dan did his smoked pulled pork.  So.freaking.good. He made a spicy, vinegary sauce to go with it.  I also made some gluten free pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  Ohhhh, yummy! Bummer the Niners didn’t win, but glad Jamon’s team pulled it off 🙂

Getting excited for my upcoming girls trip to St. George.  Relaxing, biking, hanging out, hiking, playing and some good food with my sisters and Mom.  Have a great week!


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