Happy Friday!

That’s right people….I passed my spin instructor exam this week!

certifiedemployeeAnd got hired this morning to teach!  I’m just on the substitution list for now, but hoping I’ll have my own class on Monday nights come January.  I’ll take whatever I can get since I need lots of practice.  I taught in front of Ali yesterday to practice, as I had a short audition this morning in front of the fitness director a the gym.  She’s a good friend of mine so it was less intimidating, but I was still nervous.  I was feeling a little defeated after I taught Ali but she pointed out something that I’ve been thinking about the last 24hours, and that’s the fact that not everyone can be a spin instructor (or any kind of fitness instructor for that matter).  It’s takes hard work, planning, preparation , LOTS of practice and a certain personality.  I’ve had a long journey that has led me here and quite honestly, I never thought even a year ago this would actually be a reality.  It may seem like a small thing to some, but for me this is a HUGE deal!   So, come one, come all to my classes at Crossroads Fitness 🙂

And now for some happy randomness…

pizzaSam and I rarely go out for lunch, but we had a coupon for a free pizza at this new place nearby so we had a little lunch date.  He snarfed down that pizza!  They offer a gluten free crust, which is awesome because this pizza is actually really good.

cousinsAnd this.  This makes me so happy.  I took Siri, Jane and Sam on a walk yesterday while Ali and Mark were doing some things.  I look up and they’re all holding hands.   I just love it.

Have a great weekend!



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