Good Monday Morning

snowingYesterday morning we woke up to snow.  He was so, so excited!


mattbikeAnd Saturday I was biking in the warm sunshine with my brother Matt

garbageAnd we did some yard work in the warm as well.  He played in the garbage can for quite some time.  Gross, I know.  But, that’s what baths are for 🙂

dimpledell2The sun came out by noon and the rest of Sunday was beautiful.

dimpledellOut for a nice Sunday stroll

dimpledell4dimpledell3My people.  I love them.

porkWe came home from our stroll to a dutch oven full of tender, braised pork and sauerkraut and some roasted broccoli.  Holy cow it was good.

waffle egg We also at super yummy waffles on Saturday. (Dan’s yummy fermented buckwheat recipe)  I had half of one with an egg inbetween before my ride.  Delicious!

darkchocolateMade our own dark chocolate.  We’ll be making our own from here on out.  No more buying bags of chips or even bars.  It’s ridiculous how good and smooth this is.  It’s just coconut oil, cocoa powder, bit of honey and a pinch of salt.  Recipe found HERE.

chickensoupOh, and Dan made chicken soup on Friday night (used chicken thighs and our own stock).  Roasted some brussels sprouts to go with it.  Fitting, since he’s had a cold since Thursday night.  Lots of comfort food this weekend 🙂

leavesDid lots of playing in the leaves last week, too

carvingLast Wednesday night we carved some pumpkins.  He was inspecting the “wet, gross things in there” part of the pumpkin.

carving2samclassHe and his class put on a super cute little Halloween program last week with Miss Lynette.  They did SO awesome and they sang each song so great.  I can’t wait for the next one!

pancakesAnd Halloween day.  This is about as crafty as I get.  Orange pancakes with sprinkles and mini chocolate chips for lunch with Siri and Jane.

ushalloweenSuch a handsome penguin.

trickortreatingSet off to go door to door.  Ali and Mark looked awesome!  The kids lasted a little over an hour before we called it quits.  Plus, that was way more than enough candy.  Sheesh!

markwagonThanks for letting us join you guys!

And Happy Birthday to my beautiful Mom.  We love you!



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