Wednesday Weigh In {and a big goal reached!}

Early this morning I said to Ali via text…”It’s a big day in our house,  I finally reached my goal of losing 50lbs!”

And I couldn’t be more proud of my efforts.  In the back of my mind, it was really hoping to reach this by Halloween.  The Whole30 was exactly the push I needed.  I’ve thought about and worked so hard for this for over a year.  I changed my habits, my attitude, my mind and made myself a better person on the inside and out.  Losing weight is freaking hard.

scaleSo what happens from here on out?  Maintaining and progressing my fitness level.  I mostly care about how good I feel right now.  I want to feel like this forever.  I’ll continue my paleo/primal lifestyle of eating and continue to workout as I have.  It’s hard sometimes, because even though I know I’ve come so far, I like seeing progress as the months go by.  If I do lose a bit more that’s great, but I want to maintain this for good.  I was going to try and get a pull up in the last 30 days, but that’s going to take a while longer and hey, it’s a goal I’d like to reach…doing one full pull up! 🙂

octprogressThe change in 16 months.

Now for my thoughts on the Whole30…

-I’m so glad I did it and did it without cheating or slipping.  I told myself I was going to DO IT and I stuck with it.  If you ever find yourself wanting to do this challenge (which you should!), you can’t say, “I’m going to try to do this”  Rather, you have to 100% commit to it and stick with it.  It’s the only way it will actually work.  There is no cheating or doing it halfway.

-I relied too much on nuts, seeds and fruit.  No wonder my bowels didn’t like me!  It’s normal and common for those things, in combination with everything else you’re eating to cause those issues.  I noticed that it especially happened after eating a lot of fiber or everytime after I ate my homemade applesauce, that stuff is concentrated!  I’m not back to normal yet, but hoping to be here soon with the addition of greek yogurt (as long as it agrees) and eating less fruit as I was doing before this.

-Planning, planning, the first two weeks at least.  I sat down every Friday and Saturday and planned my meals and snacks to have on hand for the week.  After I made my meal plans I made my shopping list off of that to ensure I got exactly what I needed in one trip.  I’ve never really done this before so I’d say this is one of the biggest things I’ve learned.  I’m going to continue to plan our weekly meals so our food budget can stay in check.

-Keep it new and exciting.  I planned new meals almost every single night.  When you cut out grains, gluten, legumes, dairy and sugar you have to make things spicy, exciting and new.  There are loads and loads of recipes out there that I still want to try.  It’s amazing how good you can eat during this thing. SO much good food as long as you plan and prepare and stick with it.

-Going out is doable.  Salads with lean meats, using oil and vinegar on the side.  I found that the one time I did go out, they didn’t mind that I was requesting such silly, precise things.

-I had to get used to eating so much fat.  This is probably one of the biggest changes for many people who do this.  It’s OK and normal to eat lots!  It keeps you full and satisfied!  Don’t be afraid.

-Make sure that the people who you are around in your daily life, now that you’re doing this.  Thankfully I had Ali and Mark doing this challenge with me, as I see them a lot.  Dan already eats this way and he was totally fine making a side of potatoes or rice if he wanted it.   To succeed and stick with it, surround yourself by people who won’t temp you and make you feel lame about what you’re doing.

-I’m glad I did this when there were no holidays, big special events or parties.  This is also key to making it.  The less distraction you have, the better.

-My sweet tooth has been curbed drastically.  I needed that and it worked.  If I do want to enjoy a treat, it’s got to be homemade or something very special.  I’m 100% OK with a paleo/primal dessert.  I’m going to try some dark chocolate later today 🙂

-It was hard, but got easier after two weeks.  You’ll know what foods you like and what works for you.  Meal planning will become easier.

-The first 5-7 days I felt like crap.  My body was getting ride of the junk I had put in it and in general adjusting.   I felt tired, sluggish and just not good. (this is totally normal)  After day five my energy returned like crazy.  I was falling asleep better and feeling “lighter”  I always want to feel this way!

That was long, but I hope that anyone who reads this and comes across it while researching the Whole30 will read it and learn from it.  I’m not going crazy and adding lots of stuff back in, as that would just be a disaster on my insides.  I’ll start with greek yogurt and some dark chocolate.  And realistically,  my eating wasn’t too far off this in the first place.  I’m going to keep grains, gluten and most dairy out on a daily basis as it just works for me and makes me feel good.  I know there will be exceptions, but this is in general how I see myself living forever.  It works for my little family and I’m so happy with how it went!

parkfunHave a great Halloween!


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Weigh In {and a big goal reached!}

  1. Congratulations to you! Your sister Ali wrote to me, and I am so touched by your story. I am happy that the Whole30 could play a role in your healing. You should be so proud of yourself! Keep up the good work, and thank you for sharing your story here. I can’t imagine what you and your family have been through, but you never know who you will inspire with your words and your efforts. Today, you have inspired me.

    Melissa Hartwig

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