Good Monday Morning

20131021_163540Another week of super awesome fall weather!  Of course we played outside A LOT!

20131023_164247Sam and I hiked up Bells again. SO pretty.

20131023_144524And he hung out in different costumes each day

20131024_114530Lots of times we’re silly.  He makes my day with that face!

20131025_181723We’ve been eating really good food.  This night was wings and roasted cauliflower with caramelized onions and bacon. You need to make this.

20131025_175408These onions are like candy.  Seriously.

pancakesWhole30 approved “pancakes.”  Eggs, banana, pumpkin puree, cinnamon, as much nutmeg or pumpkin pie spice as you want.  Topped with cold coconut milk.  Delicious! (yes, they are pretty wet in texture but hey, they work!)

20131025_174700He’s been helping in the kitchen

20131024_153335We hosted a fun little Halloween party with his friends.  Our third year in a row hosting these fun friends.  Love them!

20131024_152149My healthy snack options for the kids 🙂

20131024_154350We all carved a pumpkin and all of us Mom’s got to chat and chat.  Thanks friends!

20131025_100829Jenn and I took these kids to Gardner Village.  Sam was very much into finding every witch and then they all danced on the little stage for a long time.  So cute.

20131026_124914Went for what will probably be my last ride up high on Saturday.  The weather is going to turn tomorrow and I’m fairly certain I won’t be seeing Park City trails til next year.

20131026_132255Beautiful, perfect riding weather and trails with Jamon.  Armstrong-and a lot of Pinecone til we hit mud.

20131026_154347Dan and Sam were playing and climbing at the Gate boulders in Little Cottonwood so I went right there to play, too!


frittataMade this crustless quiche for dinner last night with Ali and Mark.  Eggs, coconut milk, onions, bacon, roast broccoli, nutmeg, ghee. So good.

IMG_3945And last but most certainly not least, the blood work results  I got back from my physical two weeks ago.  Pretty awesome, that’s for sure!  The last blood tests I had were right before I got pregnant with Sam.  My total cholesterol was somewhere around 201 then, now down to 150.  I mostly care about all of these numbers combined though, as they reflect the fact that I’ve been working hard and taking care of my body, feeding it good food.  It’s a myth and old school thinking that a lot of eggs and meat will give you heart disease.  There are many other factors that cause high cholesterol and like numbers. (think: processed/ junk food, lack of exercise, stress, bad sleep habits)

No weigh in today, as I’m going to wait until after tomorrow, which is the last day.   I’ll be back on Wednesday with a recap of how I thought the last 30 days went and what things I’ll be slowly adding back in.

Have a great week!


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