Good Monday Morning

The weather has so very fall and so nice this past week.  More of the same all of this week, too!


samquarryhandsomeWe’ve been spending a lot of time outside.  Two or three times at the Quarry trail in the dry river bed.  One of his favs these days.

momsamquarryquarryfriendsLove our friends

lizrebikesRode bikes with my favorite lady, Re Wistrom. w00t!

alikidsnaomiVisited Naomi with Ali and the girls.  I just love her special little place.

paintPainted a bunch of his little pumpkins.  He LOVED doing this!

datenightDate night!  When you can’t spend lots of money, going to the bookstore makes for a great night.  We read a little but mostly just talked and talked.

momhousewalkHad a really yummy Oktoberfest dinner in Kamas last night.  Just Ali and our family, Mom and John.  It was quiet and beautiful in the evening.

uskamasSo pretty.  Hoping to get some biking in and lots of playing outside this week!

Now onto my Whole30. Not weighing in this week.  Going to wait until the last day of this.  Still going strong with no cheating or slipping.  I’m really proud of myself!  Today is day 22, just eight more days to go!  Overall I’m feeling really good.  I’ve been falling sleep at night easier than I can ever remember, especially in the last 2-3 years. So.much.better.  I’ve got tons of energy, most noticeably in the afternoons.  It’s awesome!  Still eating really good food and trying to keep things interesting.

caulitortillaTried out cauliflower “tortillas.”  They baked nicely in the oven and then browned nice in the skillet, but I should have added some chili powder and other spices to make them tastier.  These tasted like two eggs and cauliflower…the exact ingredients.   Trying them again this week.

tortillachiliThey went great  with our Paleo Steak Chili.  Delicious!

porkroastsquashRoasted butternut squash, marinated pork tenderloin and salad… dressing made with an herb blend and my homemade mayo.  YUM!

onionsoupAnd Saturday nights goodness.  French Onion soup.  I love, love anything with caramelized onions.   This is an America’s Test Kitchen recipe, hold the cheese and bread 🙂   To darn good!

carmalonionsGarlic and herb burgers with more onions and roast brussels sprouts.

I have a few new recipes to try this week, but I’m going to use up what we have, trying not to spend too much $$ on food.  One thing I wasn’t expecting was my digestive system to be out of whack, still.  I knew it might happen and it’s a common side effect of doing this.  With the increase in veggies and fruit, there’s a lot of fiber in my diet now and in general, just somewhat of a different way of eating.  This side effect is not pleasant  and highly annoying at this point.   I like to be honest and real, so I’ll just say that my bowels were way more normal BEFORE the whole30 than they are today.  I assumed things would have adjusted by now and would have become more normal, but my body isn’t having it.  Not giving up or anything, just something I’ve had to deal with lately.  I’m going to tweak my fruit and nut intake and maybe that will help a bit.  If not, it’s only 8 more days.  I’m going to try and re-introduce greek yogurt first off.  Hoping it still agrees with me and helps my gut flora!

Anyway, sorry for a bit too much TMI (too much information) but that’s how it’s going for me and what I’ve experienced thus far.  I still say I’d love to nibble on some dark chocolate, but I don’t NEED or crave it, which feels empowering.

Have a great week!


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