A mountain bike adventure {Mt. Eddy}

Back when we were in California in late August, Dan and I did one of my most adventurous rides yet! (besides Timp:))  Grandpa and Sam shuttled us about 45 minutes to the Deadfall Meadow trail head.  Our goal was to ride/hike-a-bike up to the Mt. Eddy pass and ride all the way down to Mike’s house (Siskiyou-Callahan Trail).  Mt. Eddy is west of Mt. Shasta.

20130901_084607And what an adventure it was!  Thankfully, I’m now the type of person that enjoys a big challenge and I’ve come to really enjoy suffering, especially on a bike.  This makes Dan more than happy and excited.  Like, way beyond excited that we can now do these things together.

Distance: 18.4 miles

Total time: 3 hrs 13 minutes

Moving time:  2 hrs 27 minutes

Elevation gain:  2,546 feet

Decent: 4,700 feet Oh yeah!

20130901_085952Making our way up the trail.  Started out mellow with some swampy spots.  Got steeper and steeper as we got closer to the pass.  It was BEAUTIFUL… the entire way.

20130901_091933Lots of hiking our bikes and trying to ride as steep as we could.  SO worth it.

20130901_093620Can’t really tell, but this was steep.

20130901_092713We crossed the Pacific Crest Trail.  This is super popular and now I can say I was actually on it…for a minute or two 🙂

20130901_094211And this is where it got stupid steep.  I was off my bike near the top of this one.  Dan powered up it.   LOVED it!

20130901_095028And then you top out to two lakes (Deadfall Lakes) before making the last climb to the pass.

20130901_095431Mt. Eddy.  Seriously gorgeous.

20130901_09550520130901_095949Making our way to the pass.

20130901_100426Made it!  Views from Mt. Eddy pass.  Perfect weather.  Perfect day.

eddypass2Top of the pass, looking up to the trail that summits Mt. Eddy

As soon as we started down the other side, it was steep, steep!  Perfect for Dan, but pushed my limits in a few places.  Soon enough though, it mellowed out and was pretty technical for the entire 4,700 foot decent.  Yeah, it was LONG and totally awesome!

20130901_105722Dan was giggling and giggling with a permanent smile the entire way down.  It was so good!

20130901_105705So happy!

20130901_113511We finally made it to Lake Siskiyou, 8 miles later.  Sure felt way more than that because of how long you get to ride downhill.  Awesome bridge, right? Right!

20130901_113135Dan decided to jump off.  Might as well cool down and wash off before we get back to Grandpa’s 🙂


Definitely one of my top three rides I’ve done yet.  We would do it again for sure!


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