Happy Friday

Yesterday Sam and Siri got to model some awesome snow clothes for a little photo shoot with our friend Re Wikstrom.  She’s a photographer for Backcountry.com and they need kids outerwear pics.  Hopefully one of the hundreds she took will be their add in the coming weeks of these two.  They were such troopers out there in the cold.

recar handswarmHad to warm up.  It was seriously cold up at Alta!

Today I’m taking Sam to Grandpa Dorn’s funeral.  When I told him that’s where we’re going this morning he said, “just like how we had quiet time at Naomi’s park.  We have to be quiet when we sit for the funeral and people talk.”  Oh, I love him.  He is so tender.

thaiburgersThe Whole30 is going well.  On day 12 now and my cravings for sugar, AKA dark chocolate have been gone for several days.  And in general, I just feel really good both on the inside and out.  My clothes also fit really well and/or loose, which is a bonus.


Eating really yummy food, pretty much everydaylaraballsI made Laraballs.  These are just like the Larabars we buy for riding and working out fuel.  They are beyond simple to make.  No more buying them pre-packaged.  I’ll be making our own variations from here on out.  And, these taste REALLY sweet now that I haven’t had any added sugar of any kind for almost two weeks.  Delicious!  (Dates, almonds, a bit of cocoa powder).  Easy peasy.  I will say that my urge to snack is still there, though not as much.  I’m taking it day by day.  It’s totally a game with my mind, that’s for sure.

Have a great weekend!


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