Good Monday morning

My cute Grandpa Dorn passed away last night.  It was peaceful, expected and he was ready to go.  I’m SO glad I got to see him last week.  Makes my heart so happy, even though this is a sad time.  He will be greatly, greatly missed!

dornfamily2 gpadornhospital________________________________________

I’m back to weighing in on Monday.  I’ll get more to that and how my Whole30 is going here in a minute, but first…

We had Grandpa Mike here all weekend!  Sam is going to be bummed all day, but I’ll keep reminding him we’ll see grandpa again in no time 🙂


They flew airplanes.  Over and over and over and over…..baseballPlayed baseball for a long time.

pumpkinpatchWent to the a pumpkin patch down the street.

santahatPlayed more together.  Somehow Sam thinks it’s Halloween with the skeleton in his hand and his santa hat.  He can’t make up his mind 🙂

shuttlegpaAnd went for a super, duper fun  ride at one of our favorite places to ride (4 miles down Canyon Hallow and some laps in the skills park.  He did awesome!

dadsamtrail dangpatrailI say this a lot and I’ll say it again.  I’m SO very thankful that grandpa is so active and is able to play and play and play with this kid!  Safe travels back to CA and we’ll miss you, way too much.

bikedateDan and I were able to get some riding in together.  Thanks Mike!

And just a few random pictures from the last several days.

samhalloweendoorHe wanted to have “lots of scary things” on his door last week.  Like, everyday he wanted something different.  I’m not crafty nor do I draw, but these turned out alright.  I’m sure they’ll be on his door til after Halloween, at which point he’ll ask me to draw turkeys and then Christmas stuff.

naomibatWent to visit Naomi.  The first thing he said when we walked up was “I want to give her a love first.  I need to give her a love now.”  Oh man, it just makes my heart so happy, sad and explode with love.  He brought her a pretty and happy purple bat.

foodprocessorOur food processor came!  Life in the kitchen just got a whole lot better AND easier!  Made coconut butter to try it out.

I cooked something new every night last week.  It’s been really fun!  I’ve been spending a lot of time in the kitchen and it’s worth every minute.

IMG_3829Slow cooker Balsamic and onion chicken.  This was so good.  Would go great with any veggie, salad or over zucchini or spaghetti squash.

IMG_3830{paleo} Steak chili.  Spicy and yummy!  Served over roasted cauliflower and FULL of flavor.

pumpkincurryPumpkin Coconut Cashew Chicken Curry.  I “riced” the cauliflower in the food processor and cooked it with just some salt, pepper and coconut oil.  No leftovers cause it was so dang good.

tsunamisalad2I even managed to stay on track out to dinner with Mike and Ellen on Friday night at Tsunami.  I asked for the Chicken Teriyaki Salad.  Changed the dressing to oil and vinegar and made sure they grilled the chicken only with olive oil.  Delicious!

Breakfast and lunch are pretty much the same most days.  Eggs with some sort of meat and veggies and piece of fruit.  Lunch is still big salads with some sort of good protein.  I try to eat a lot at each meal so I won’t snack.  If I have a workout in the morning, I’ll eat something before and then something after, like a mini meal of sorts.  Excited to make our own almond butter this week, too!  Lots of new recipes again this week.

I’m down 1.5lbs. Overall I’m feeling really good.  I was very tired and sluggish Tues-Thursday last week.  Friday was better, but felt very “snacky” Saturday and Sunday I had TONS of energy, which was great.  My clothes fit really well and maybe even a bit loose.  No matter what my weight does the next three weeks, I know that this is really helping my food habits and my cravings/snacking.  Here’s to a good week two!


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