Some relaxing

snowbird2Last night Ali and I enjoyed a nice relaxing few hours up at Snowbird.  A while back I won a gift certificate for two to the Cliff Spa.  Took our homemade dinner and ate on the plaza deck before heading to the hot tub and pool!

snowbird3snowbird1I could sit in the Cliff’s hot tub everyday.  It was SO nice!  We were the only two up there the entire time.  After that, we sat in the steam room for a bit and relaxed in the quiet area.  I sipped on some warm tea.  It was so needed, especially for Ali.  This would be an awesome thing to do for an anniversary or special occasion.  Hot tub/pool time, steam room, sauna then eat at the Steak Pit 🙂

jumpingYesterday Sam jumped and jumped and jumped on our neighbors tramp.  So glad we can use it whenever.  He loves it.

hangingoutI love him.

crockpotTonight’s dinner is already cooking.  It feels really good to have the majority of your meal all ready by 8am.

On day three of the Whole30.  It’s going well so for.  I was feeling pretty tired yesterday afternoon, but I blame that on working out (in some form) the last six days in a row.  I didn’t mean to, it just happened with the bike rides I went on mixed with a few spin classes.  I just love to ride in the fall!  I’m waiting for a headache, or a sugar “hangover” to set in.  We’ll see.

In the man time, I can say that I can tell a difference in not eating dairy…mostly feta and string cheese.  It’s amazing how less gassy and “churny” my stomach has been the last two days.  I already knew those things kinda bugged me, but I didn’t know it was that much.  That would be the one thing I’ve already noticed after only a short time.

Now onto a few things I’ve been eating (technically we, since Dan eats what I eat).

IMG_3817Almond crusted chicken (just ground almonds, salt and pepper), smashed sweet potatoes with some ghee, salt and pepper.  Side salad with lots of veggies and my dressing.  I need to grind the nuts finer next time, but the taste was SO good.

pumpkinseedsToasted some pumpkin seeds.  Tossed in evoo, salt and homemade chili powder.

preppingLots of prepping.  This is a MUST if you do the Whole30.  Food prep and more and more planning 🙂

toastedflakesI toasted some coconut flakes and tossed them with pumpkin pie spice.  You could also just do nutmeg and cinnamon.  It’s like a treat.

boiledeggsBoiled some eggs.  I love one for a snack or on a salad with just salt, pepper and paprika.   I’ll update more in a few days !


One thought on “Some relaxing

  1. Delicious looking menu! Niki and I are currently trying to live on $5/day each for our food budget, and it is pretty easy to do and still not go anywhere near junk or pre-fab food.

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