Hello Monday!

The Whole30 starts today!

day1bfastHad a zucchini, sausage and egg scramble with this yummy homemade salsa on top.  Delicious and filling.  Here’s to hoping this week goes well and I don’t get too much of a dark chocolate/sugar “hangover.” 🙂

tractorrideWe had a few really fun play dates last week.  Finally took a tractor ride at Wheeler Farm.  He loved it!

ladiesmanFrozen yogurt with Brooke, Sally and kids.  He’s a ladies man 😉

gpamiketrioGrandpa Mike and Ellen came for a quick visit Thursday night.  He’ll be back later this week from his trip to CO.  Sam is going to be pretty stoked he gets to stay with us a few more days!

coconutwhipcreamI made coconut whipped cream.  SO GOOD.  Put it over some sauteed apples with pumpkin spices. snowsunsetThe weather was cold and VERY pretty last week.

scissorzoneRandom, but Sam loves to use his scissors and gets totally in the zone.  He’ll cut small pieces of paper for a solid 30 minutes.  That’s a long time to sit for this kid.

carterbdayWe were lucky to celebrate his friend Carter’s birthday.  Sam was so excited to see him since we don’t get to play often!  Love that boy.

costcoDid major stocking up and some food prepping.

fallridingGot in the most perfect fall bike ride.  My absolute favorite time of year to ride.

gpadornhospitalAnd this is my Grandpa Dorn.  He’s the cutest old man ever.  He’s been in the hospital the past few days.  Although he’s very weak, his mind is pretty sharp for 92!  Not sure what’s next for him in this life, but I’m SO glad Ali, Matt and I got to visit with him for a while.  That totally made my Sunday!

Lastly, on the Whole30, you’re not supposed to weigh yourself or take any measurements for the 30 days (and also, I’m not paying to do this program, just following the guidelines on the site).  I will actually be weighing in next week and once after that in the 30 days.  It’s been my goal to get to 150lbs and by weighing each week I’ve been accountable.  I’ll weigh in twice in October.  Let’s hope for some success!

Have a great week!

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