Weekly Weigh in {and the Whole30}

No change on the scale this week.  My body sure does like this weight, that’s for sure.  Not much else to say other than I feel good!

Now onto something that will be quite the challenge for me…The Whole30!

whole30logoStarting Monday, for 30 days I’m going to eliminate all GRAINS (not that I really eat those anyway), DAIRY, LEGUMES and added SUGAR (real or artificial).  Crazy you say?  Sure, to A LOT of people it seems that way but to me, it’s exactly what my body needs right now.   This is no doubt a major shock to not only your body but to your brain and the way you think and feel about food, especially for those who eat all these things on a daily basis.  I know this will make me feel better and will help me solidify the fact that most of these things bother people’s insides and they just don’t know or realize it OR, want to own up to it because they’re addicted to eating junk.  The point is to take these things out and see how you feel after those 30 days and either keep them out or slowly add them back in if they agree with you. It’s to re-train your brain.  It’s also to get you to eat whole and real foods and to cook and prepare your meals. Added bonus is weight loss and feeling 110% better.


changeRemember how I’ve been around 155lbs for a long time now?  Well, see the above quote and advice.  It’s what I NEED and WANT to do to restart things that have gotten “off track.” And these sugar cravings I’ve been having?  Oh man, they need to be curbed.  (ie…too much dark chocolate and nibbling/trying other treats all the time).

I’m not worried about cutting out the grains or legumes, as I don’t eat those on a daily basis anyway but I can tell you that I’m already getting nervous about that fact that I’ll be dark chocolate free for at least 30 days.  I love it so much!  But, it’s time to reset my brain and body and I actually can’t wait for Monday to roll around 🙂  It will no doubt be very hard and challenging, but I want to prove to myself that I can do this and I want to REALLY feel the difference when these things are out of my diet to see how they affect my insides (I know most dairy doesn’t agree with me already). Doing hard things is good for you.

mealplanningI’ll be eating really, really good food the entire time.  This will force me to meal and food prep every week and know exactly what I’m going to eat for every meal and snack.   I’ll be drinking water, water and more water along with some tea and some La Croix for something a little fizzy.  I’ve already got loads and loads of new recipes to try and I know they’ll become staples in our house even after the 30 days is up.  This isn’t that far off from how we eat anyway (a paleo/primal lifestyle) but it’s the restart that I need and I hope I have big success with it.  And, I’m not alone, as my friend Traci was the one who asked a week ago if anyone wanted to join her in this, as it’s her second time doing it.  She not only looks amazing and lean these days, but I KNOW she feels so, so good.  There are about six or seven of us doing it, so I’ll have not only Dan’s support but theirs as well.

So, that’s the update on a new phase I’ll be going through that will test me, but will ultimately make my insides and outside feel better.  I’ll be updating about it weekly!

And in other news real quick, Sam is seriously loving preschool.  I was the parent helper in his class today and got to see their little routine the first hour.  I really love his teacher, Miss Lynette.  She is awesome!

preschool preschool2bday2And I had the best birthday. I got to hangout with all those I love the most and eat some yummy (gluten free) chocolate cake!  Maybe too much of it…:)

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