Hello Monday {Timpanogos and lots of pics}

Happy Monday!

Today I turn 33!  Feeling better today than I did 10 years ago.  I’d say that’s pretty darn awesome!


After two longs weeks of work travel, Dan finally came home late last night.  SO happy he’s back!  I dropped these two off at the top of one of our favorite trails in Draper.  I was a bit hesitant that Sam may not make it the whole way, but I should have known better.  He’s a champ and really, really loved it!  It was about 3.2 miles and 1,300 vert of downhill.  We were proud 🙂

canyonhollow2 canyonhollow1Watched football, played at the park, ate a yummy dinner and rode the ramps in the yard the rest of the weekend.  Nice and mellow.

20130921_072830I was up bright and early Saturday morning to meet Jamon for our big Timp ride.  I’ve SO been looking forward to this all summer and was beyond bummed when I found out Dan would be away for work and couldn’t ride with us.  I almost bailed on the plan, but Jamon was more than happy to go with me and really wanted to do this ride.  THANK YOU Mom, for taking Sam for me!!  We decided to cut out the road portion for various reasons.  Here’s what the ride looked like on the map.  We did all the stuff in red.

timpcolormapEven though we cut the road riding portion out, I was totally worked halfway through the last climb we had to do because of how technical the riding was.  LOTS of hike-a-biking, steep climbing and in general hard pushing.  There was definitely a moment or two on that last climb that I had to mentally tell myself I just had to keep going and pushing.  I knew I was going to finish.  It was beyond my limits physically, but all of my hard work and long bike rides this summer paid off…times 10!

20130921_081310We took a wrong turn right at the beginning, but that was OK because we got to see this awesome waterfall.  Bikes were not allowed on that trail, but we didn’t pay attention to the sign.  Oops!

20130921_081328Morning light

20130921_085307We rode back down and got on the right trail and started to climb and climb through really pretty colors.


Pretty amazing views.20130921_094047Besides Dan, Jamon is the best riding partner ever.  He navigated our way, even though it was difficult at times and we got off course.   He cheered me on the entire ride..over and over and over 🙂

20130921_111021Pretty meadow we had to hike a bike through a bunch.  Almost to the west side…

20130921_114956And all of the sudden you come around the bend  and see Utah Lake and happy valley!  Happy to have reached this point for sure.

20130921_120641Front (west) side of the mountain.

20130921_121720The colors were starting to get pretty.  Two weeks from now they’ll be SO awesome.

20130921_122519Our last brutal climb was to that pass between Big and Little Baldy.  It’s NO joke.

20130921_132304Made it!  Unfortunately my phone died after this so no pics of the super long downhill.  It was long, and very technical.  Really steep at the first, really rocky, overgrown but oh so pretty!  Thank goodness that over the years I’ve really loved and become good at riding downhill, especially when it comes to rocky/techy stuff, it really paid off here.  I wouldn’t normally like to ride a downhill like this, but it was a must to get back to the car 🙂  I’m so, so glad I did this and pushed myself.  Doing hard things is good for me…and you!  Next time, I’ll know exactly where to go too.  Hopefully someday I can ride this with Dan as well.

I’m so very proud of myself, as this was a goal and adventure I set my sights on early in the summer.  I never thought I couldn’t do it, but I honestly wasn’t expecting this to be some of the hardest riding and hike-a-biking I’ve done yet.  I was so very tired when I picked up Sam and just survived playing with and putting him to bed last night.  I fell on the couch at 8:30pm.  Tired and happy!  Now, onto doing shorter rides, and trail running in my absolute favorite time of year.  Happy fall, folks!


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