Hello Monday

We had a nice, mellow weekend around here.

Friday afternoon Dan was finally back in town from traveling all week for work. Hanging out, bike ramps in the yard and  Pho soup and lettuce wraps for our Friday night!

usrampsphoSiri and I have birthday’s just nine days apart.  We celebrated last night at family dinner in Kamas.  Thank you so much for making my favorite flourless chocolate cake, Ali.  So good!

ourbdays morebday Siri turned 5 and I’ll be 33 on the 23rd!

raspberriesSaturday morning, before the rain came we went out to a friend of Dan’s boss’s house.  They garden is crazy big and so much is ripe for the picking right now.  Our haul was full of raspberries, peaches, tomatoes, huge cucumbers, some carrots, asian pears and peppers.

cucumberpeachestomatoessoupWe put the tomatoes to VERY good and yummy use. Delicious soup!

crumbleSame with the peaches and all the raspberries for dessert.

gheeAnd Dan made some Ghee...aka clarified butter.  It’s a great replacement for using oils for cooking/baking.

sirisamLast week we took Siri on a special birthday date one morning, just us.  They had the best time.  Playing at the park, dollar store and a play place!

rainThankful for rain.  We got lots of it the last several days.

Sam is doing great in preschool.  I love hearing about what they learn, play and sing 🙂  He just loves Miss Lynette!

Have a great week!

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