Weekly weigh in {and other things}

Not only have I been thinking about  Naomi a lot as the 10th has gone by, but I can’t help but think of all those affected and those who lost loved one’s on 9/11 and all the hero’s out there.

911memorialnaomi10thSam and I went to visit and sit with sister the other day.  I love that Sam just sat there with me, in my lap and asked me questions about random things.  It’s a special time for us.

mondaydateDan and I got in a rare Monday morning bike date.  I got a bad cold on Saturday night and just barely made it through this ride.

oktoberfestWent up to Oktoberfest last weekend.  It had just rained all day and was so nice up there.  Sam especially loved the band that plays the big cow bells.  He was totally in the zone when they were playing, so cute!

bellsWent for a hike up Bells yesterday.  It was so beautiful out!

And this weeks weigh in I’m down 2 lbs from last week.  I’ve not been able to get past 154-155lbs in almost two months, so I’m super happy about it!  Most importantly is that I feel good, my clothes fit and I see my body changing as the months go by.  I’m proud!

Look for the last part of our Cali trip here soon.





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