Northern California {Part 4 Grandpa Mike’s}

We made it!  The 2.5 hour drive to Mt. Shasta was BEAUTIFUL!

20130829_12300820130829_131900First things first…”read to me Grandpa, read me this story!”

20130829_13272520130829_132748Mike has a gorgeous backyard.  A little stream and two ponds with fish!


20130829_143108Right after we arrived, Mike suggested a bike ride with me while Dan and Sam stayed at home for a little rest.  Yes please!

20130829_143920I’m so, so grateful I have a father-in-law that is as active as can be.  He runs and rides A LOT and keeps himself healthy.  I love, love that we got to ride together, just us.

20130829_185642The boys.  I LOVE this.

20130829_184249A little stroll to find and eat blackberries before bed.

20130830_100910Unfortunately again, that night Sam was still sick.  The next morning was not good.  He was out for the count at 10am.  Not throwing up, but just working out the rest of this awful virus.  The last time he feel asleep at 10am was when he was a baby!   Yeah, it was no fun.  BUT, he was a trooper and after sleeping and resting for a couple hours, he started to come back to life.

20130830_131058Mike took us to the local fish hatchery where you can feed the fish AND go fishing in this beautiful pond.  We caught several!

20130830_13123520130830_13202420130830_13314620130830_162046Time for more playing after a good nap!  I could spend all afternoon and evening in the yard, looking at the view. It’s so pretty.

20130830_16312320130830_171549Just a few minutes from his house is a fun little duck pond/preserve.


20130830_172753Awesome little fountain on our walk along main street.

20130831_101650The next day we headed up to the Ski Park for some biking.  More pictures to come from the last two days of the trip!


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