Northern California {Part 3 Gma Jane’s}

Sunday and Monday were spent recovering and just hanging out, keeping it mellow.

20130826_07590120130826_19311320130826_152804I managed to get in a quick ride.  I could see these trails being awesome for my kind of trail running!


Tuesday we got some really good time in at one of our favorite spots on the Trinity river.  It is amazingly clear and green and really kid friendly!  Dan did the rope swing multiple times 🙂

20130827_121752 20130827_115005 20130827_124024 20130827_115707 CIMG8077 CIMG8089He was tuckered out on the 45 min drive home.  Fun in the sun will do that to ya!


Can’t forget about the lizard he caught and made his pet the rest of the evening.  He named it Oscar.20130827_180552Jane always makes such yummy food!


Grandma has an awesome outdoor shower.  Sam spent a good hour in there one night.  He LOVED it!


He and I spent time together on Wednesday while Dan was out for a big long run into a lake and Grandma had to work for a while.  Stopped by the Corner Mart cause he just had to see that hot dog guy 🙂20130828_111455

Stopped by Kari’s so the boys could play just for a bit one last time.20130828_172341Unfortunately that evening, our last night there, Sam got the sickness really bad for several hours.

20130829_092052He was feeling better during the night and in the morning, so we said our goodbye’s, played on the driver mower and headed to Mt. Shasta for the rest of our time in Cali with Mike.  Thank you Grandma Jane for everything!!


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