Northern California {Part 2}

Just a few more from Friday and early Saturday before the wedding…


CIMG7985Such beautiful women.  Ali, Kelly, Jane.  They both worked SO hard to put this wedding together.  It was amazing!

20130824_155049Wedding time! 

CIMG8014So pretty.

20130824_162646CIMG8010CIMG8000Andy seeing Kelly for the first time in her dress.  They both looked SO amazing! 

CIMG7996CIMG8003Mark doing what he does best. 

CIMG8007Can’t wait to see Mark’s much better and professional photos 🙂

CIMG8008He was the best ring bearer.  Walked all by himself, quietly and contently.

CIMG8024“Mom, why does Kelly crying like that?”

CIMG8027Short and sweet ceremony.  Perfect.

20130824_200304Time to party!

CIMG8032CIMG8033CIMG8034CIMG8038CIMG8050First dance.

20130824_200536Sam jumped on the dance floor very first and danced the night away with all of us for two hours! 

20130824_204507Mark and Ali busting some moves.

20130824_20311320130824_204424The wedding went off perfectly and everyone had THE BEST time!  We were so happy to see so many of Dan’s family members that we never get to see. 

CIMG8058Unfortunately, starting about 11pm the wedding night, everyone who was at the rehearsal dinner started to get sick.  Like, really really sick.  Some people had it mild like Mark and me, others got it bad.  We were supposed to have brunch at Jane’s on Sunday with family and close friends, but that did NOT happen.  We arrived for the rest of our stay at Jane’s and this is what everyone looked like.  Napping, resting and recovering.   Poor bride and groom.  What a crappy way to spend your wedding night!  Dan was one of the first to fall, Sam a little that night and everyone else followed in the coming days…including Sam again, really bad on Wed/Thurs.  BUT, despite this crazy turn of events, we continued to have a great time.

CIMG8064Dan’s cousin Warren who came from Brooklyn.  We love you!

CIMG8066Smiling, even though so tired.

CIMG8075Glad he was happy!

CIMG8078Part 3 coming soon.  Our time with Grandma Jane for a few days after the wedding.  So fun!






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