Northern California {part one}

Another super fun trip to visit where Dan grew up.  We just love, love this trip out there and even better this year, Kelly and Andy got married!

On the road at 4:30am.  Sam did SO awesome on the way there.  We were blown away at how well he did quite honestly.  11.5 hrs in the car for this beyond energetic 3.5 year old could have been really hard.

20130822_05562520130822_065302Stopped only for gas and lunch.  He got a small prize each time we stopped.  That was some good incentive for him.

20130822_112813In n Out in Reno.  Our normal lunch stop.

20130822_125428Took a good two hour nap after that.

20130822_191736We made it!  We actually went to Kelly and Andy’s house before to have dinner and hang with family, then drove another hour to get to Grandma Jane’s for the night.


20130823_081018Mark was the wedding photographer so Ali and Ruby came too!  I SO loved having them there with us.  They got a glimpse of how awesome this place is, in the middle of the mountains.  We worked out both mornings they were there, of course. 🙂

20130823_073945Blurry pic, but Jane makes THE best freshly squeezed OJ.  Her juicer is old school to boot!

20130823_08454920130823_082956Hanging out Friday morning.  Rehearsal dinner that night.

20130823_100424Table planning 🙂

20130823_122619Dan took us to a really cool swimming spot on the river, 10 mins from his house.  It’s a sweet spot!

20130823_12301720130823_12302620130823_123355Rope swing!

20130823_12362520130823_194119Friday night was the rehearsal and small family dinner.  Little did we know that the next night, we’d all come down with a wicked virus from that caterer’s food.  Shame on her!  Thankfully it wasn’t the entire wedding guest list that got sick, just those of us at the rehearsal Friday night.

20130823_19421020130823_195315Sam finally got to play with Cole and Carter!  So happy we got to see you Kari!

20130824_090238That night we stayed at the beautiful Indian Creek Lodge.  The views were amazing right out our hotel room.

20130824_090722Lots of blackberries to pick.

20130824_081427Morning Ruby snuggles.  Holy cow he LOVES her so much.

20130824_09051120130824_110121The pool was really chilly, but he wanted to swim anyway 🙂

20130824_123837Saturday morning Ali and I worked out while Dan and Sam played at his old elementary school.  They have the best playground there, seriously!  Wish I had a picture.  Headed to Trinideli where Jane works for lunch while she was at home with wedding prep for that night.

Wedding time fun and more to come soon…


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