Hello Monday

We had a great weekend over here!

Friday night I watched Jane and Ruby while Ali and Mark took Siri to a surprise movie night.  We had tons of fun being silly.

20130816_15314020130815_104146He practiced his golfing, too 🙂

20130816_164918Oh Ruby, you are SO precious

20130817_065153I was up bright and early Saturday to get out on what is my longest ride yet (Canyons-Crest-Canyons).  I’d been looking forward to it all week and was a bit nervous since I knew this would push my limits of any ride I’ve done yet.  SO pretty.

20130817_082335canyonscrestcanyonsI did it!  31 miles, 4,761 Feet of climbing and riding for just over four hours.  If I had to I could have kept going, which is great since our Timpanogos ride will be even longer than this come September.  I felt awesome when I got back to the car, but an hour or so after, my legs were FEELING it.  I was tired but feeling SO lucky that I’m at a point in my life right now where I can be out for a long rides like this and dedicate time to it.  So lucky!

20130817_110054While I was out, Dan and Sam had a great time together.  They SO need “Dad and Sam” time every week!  They went to one of our favorite waterfalls when it’s hot, hot.

20130817_10481620130817_114954They also stopped by a sweet little farmer’s market at a guy’s house in Draper.  Thanks for the find, Ali!

20130817_175936Our fresh from the garden dinner.  Corn, sauteed swiss chard and tomatoes, our herbs.  I’m sure you can guess which plate was Dan’s 🙂

20130817_170820They mowed while I sat and rested my tired self.

20130818_092610Sunday morning Sam and I watched Ruby for a little bit.  “But I just can want to be like Ruby, Mom!”

20130818_095731Dan got in a good ride yesterday.  More on that later.

20130815_145854And just because.  He’s my sleeping babe.  I’m lucky he still takes a daily nap.

We are SO looking forward to seeing our family in CA soon!

Have a great week!


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